When a student drops or withdraws from a course processing, instructional and other costs must still be met by the college. Therefore, refunds and the official withdrawal policy for Community Education & Training non-credit courses is listed below.  If the course is cancelled by MCC, a 100% refund is made. Questions email

Community Education Course Drop/Withdrawal policy:
Course withdrawal schedule/refund policy below for Community Education and Training noncredit courses coded CAR, HLT, TEC, PER, MIL:

Transfers are not accepted after the class start date.  

All MCC on campus instructor-led noncredit classes less than 30 hours:
- 5 or more business days prior to start of course 100% refund
- Less than 5 business days prior to start of the course 100% of tuition 
- After course begins $0

All MCC on-campus instructor-led Community Education classes 30 hours or more:
- 5 or more business days prior to start of course 100% refund
- Less than 5 business days prior to start of the course and before first class meeting 50% tuition refund.
- After course begins $0

All Online, Web or Hybrid Classes:
- 5 or more business days prior to start of course 100% 
- Less than 5 business days prior to start of the course and before accessing course materials, 50% tuition refund.
- After course begins $0

Refunds for Special Programs:
Local Anesthesia Certification for Registered Dental Hygienists, Nurse Assistant/HHA Training, Pharmacy Technician: As stated in student Memo of Understanding or Community Education course web page.

College for Kids Summer Programs:
- 30 or more days prior to start date 100% refund less a $15 processing fee
- Less than 30 days prior to start date 50% refund less a $15 processing fee
- Start date or thereafter  0
-IF MCC cancels the college for kids program you will get full refund with no processing fee's charged. 

Questions on College for Kids refund policy email

To withdraw students MUST notify the Student Information/Enrollment Center in writing, in person, or by calling 1-800-818-3434 or Email:   Refunds are process according to the above schedule. 

Program instructors are not responsible for reporting decisions to withdraw. Lack of attendance, course abandonment or failure to make or complete payment does not constitute official course withdrawal and students will be charged for the course.

If paying by credit card for the course, the refund will be credited to the credit card account. In cases where a course has been cancelled by MCC, a 100% refund is made. Community Education and Training reserves the right to cancel noncredit courses, workshops, programs, and other events for which there is insufficient enrollment and/or reschedule programs, to change instructors, to change course locations and to take other administrative actions as necessary. Corporate & Community Education reserves the right to change the content of any course information contained in our brochure or website due to error or unforeseen circumstances. Refunds are not automatically warranted based on these changes.

This refund policy applies to Corporate and Community Education noncredit courses only  For information regarding the refund policy for credit courses, please call student accounts office.  Middlesex Community College reserves the right to make changes in policy and regulations at any time as circumstances dictate.

Tuition Waivers for Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts employees with approved tuition waivers, tuition remission, or tuition vouchers may register for the approved noncredit course with MCC's enrollment center (1800-818-3434). Tuition waivers, tuition remission, or tuition vouchers do not apply to special programs, online courses or as indicated certain course descriptions/community education web page. Individuals with tuition waivers are responsible for the cost of all materials, fees, supplies and/or books. Tuition waiver forms are obtained within your state agency (HR Dept). For MCC employees:

Step 1: Register by calling 1-800-818-3434. Please indicate that you are a Commonwealth of MA employee using a tuition waiver. Step 2:  Waiver forms can be obtained within your agency HR department. Completed/approved tuition waivers MUST be applied to your student account by submitting the approved waiver form to the MCC’s Student Accounts/Bursar Office.  Please submit the approved tuition wavier to MCC student accounts 7-10 days prior to the course start date. 

Non-Credit Enrollment Records:
Non-credit courses, workshops and programs are designed for educational, vocational and specialized interests for personal and professional reasons. No academic credit is earned. The college does not maintain a permanent or official record for noncredit enrollment. MCC can provide an attendance confirmation letter only during the term/semester that the course is taken. Students should contact 781-280-3663 or EMAIL to request an attendance letter.

Course Cancellations:
Courses are sometimes cancelled. We try to notify people as best we can as long as we have appropriate contact information from our enrollment center.   When circumstances permit, we provide a telephone or email notification of a course cancellation to each student 3-5 days prior to the course start date.  A 100 % refund will be issued if a noncredit class is cancelled by Middlesex Community College.  Questions: Call student accounts at 781-280-3645.

Weather-Related Class Cancellations:
Notification of cancelled classes at Middlesex Community College are broadcast over the following AM radio stations: WRKO-680; WCAP-980; WBZ-1030. Announcements are also made at the MCC website, television channels 4,5,7, FOX and at 1-800-818-3434 or 
Please note that a delayed campus opening indicates a 9:30am start. 

Last Modified: 3/18/20