Dental Hygiene Local Anesthesia Certification Course


Clinical Session:  March 14, 15, 16, 2020 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
Online Study Period (Independent and Self-Paced):  December 4 - March 9, 2020
Location of clinical: Middlesex Community, College, 44 Middle Street, Lowell, MA. Dental Clinic.
Enrollment Period:   Begins December 2, 2019 until seats fill.  Call 1-800-818-3434 to enroll.
Please provide course # CAR 751-80 and a valid e-mail address, phone number and home address.

Tuition: $1399 which includes online study, lunch, 3-day clinical, and clinical supplies. Liability insurance covered by MCC.

Online Study Period/3 Online Quizzes: Must be completed by March 9, 2020 to participate in clinical.

Lead Instructor and Course Director: Debra November-Rider, RDH, MSDH
Supervising Dentist: Dr. Mary Terkoski, D.D.S.

This course is recommended for registered dental hygienists who would like to become certified in local anesthesia. Since 2005, MCC has prepared hundreds of RDH to become certified in local anesthesia.

MCC complies with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry regulations for the administration of local anesthesia. At completion, the RDH will be able to administer safe, effective, and painless local anesthesia with confidence and competence and be prepared to take the computerized CDCA exam. The course consists of a 40-50 hour on-line study (independent and self-paced) prior to clinical, interactive presentations, and a 3-day clinical in which students will have 30 injection experiences and a clinical final exam. Each participant will have 30 injections total - 3 of the following. Note: Plain Anesthetics used. No vasoconstrictors are added.

  1. Anterior Superior Alveolar ASA)
  2. Middle Superior Alveolar (MSA)
  3. Posterior Superior Alveolar (PSA)
  4. Infraorbital (IO)
  5. Greater Palatine (GP)
  6. Nasopalatine (NP)
  7. Inferior Alveolar/Lingual
  8. Buccal
  9. Mental/Incisive
  10. Infiltrations (maxillary & mandibular)

Permit L information

The strength of this hands-on course is the amount of actual time you will administer injections to your classmates. Participants must sit as a patient. Upon successful completion, students will be awarded a certificate and 54 CEUs. Note: Partial credit cannot be awarded. 4:1 student to instructor ratio during clinical.

Pass/Fail course. Students must complete all requirements - partial credit will not be awarded. Students are required to submit appropriate forms: medical and dental history, consent form, student memo of understanding, copy of current CPR certification and RDH license prior to the online study. Please note that the online study is self-paced but takes 40-50 hours to complete. The online study and three online quizzes (75 % or above) must be completed by March 9 n order to participate in clinical. It is strongly recommended that participants begin the online study 6-8 weeks prior to clinical.

Tuition: $1399 which includes all clinical supplies, light breakfast and lunch. CDCA exam a separate fee.

Step 1:
Call 1-800-818-3434. Course # CAR 751-80. Please provide a valid e-mail and phone number and home address.
Step 2: Once you enroll please download the required forms below and fax or email or mail completed forms to fax number
781-280-3812 or email  Please include a copy of your valid, current RDH license and CPR certification. Step 3: Once MCC receives all forms you will receive an e-mail with log on instructions for the online study. The study is self-paced and takes approx 40-50 hours to complete. The online study with three quizzes (75 % or above) must be successfully completed by March 9 in order to participate in the 3-day clinical. It is recommended that participants begin the online study 6-8 weeks prior to clinical.

Questions: Call 781-280-3570 or

Required paperwork/forms:
Local Anesthesia Consent Form
Medical History Form
Memo of Understanding
Copy of valid, current state RDH license
Copy of valid, current state CPR certification

Refund Policy:
As stated in above memo of understanding

Textbook Requirement: Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 6th edition by Stanley Malamed. ISBN: 978-0-323-07413-1. The textbook is available at the MCC Lowell, MA campus book store or online at your preferred book vendor. For MCC bookstore hours and location please call 978-322-8323.

Attention Massachusetts Small Business Owners:
This course is approved by the Massachusetts Workforce Express Fund. This pool of funding is designed for small business owners with less than 100 employees to provide training for employees. Tuition must be employer paid (not employee paid). Completed online application (link below) must be received 6-8 weeks in advance of the clinical training dates. If eligible/approved this fund will reimburse employers 50 % of the course tuition cost. For more information on this funding please contact Commonwealth Corporation at or call 617.717.6943.  Apply Online
The state approved course number for this course program is 1050556.


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