Culinary Adventures

ONLINE How to make Gnocchi like a Pro

Discover the expert tips and techniques behind the traditional potato gnocchi of Northern Italy, as Chef Gina guides you step-by-step to a five-star gnocchi dish! You will learn everything from selecting the right potato to cutting and shaping the dumplings for that light, fluffy texture you love. This course will take place via ZOOM but is subject to an alternate face-to-face format. (3 hours) $59

10/14               5:30pm - 8:30pm                Wednesday
WEB Course
Course Number: PER 984 75              CRN: 18124           Professor: MUSTOE

ONLINE Thanksgiving with Gina
Turkey Gravy, stuffing, remoulade, which one is your favorite? Join Chef Gina and learn expert techniques on side dishes and sauces for Thanksgiving. After this class you will be ready for friends, family, guests and will not be running frantic to the grocery store. (3 hours) $59
11/18                5:30pm - 8:30pm                Wednesday
WEB Course
Course Number: PER 981 75              CRN: 18122              Professor: MUSTOE

ONLINE Cooking with Eleni
Cooking with Eleni will introduce you to some of the best home cooked Greek based recipes.  You will learn how to make Greek Koulourakia that are holiday cookies best eaten at Christmas and Easter.  One holiday loves sesame in their cookies, can you guess whether it is Christmas or Easter?  Eleni Zohi cooks in the Lowell Greek Food Festival every year and can't wait to share her expertise. (2 hours) $55
11/12                5:30pm - 7:30pm                Thursday
WEB Course
Course Number: PER 988 75              CRN: 18159              Professor: ZODHI


ONLINE Intro to Cake Decorating
Learn the art of cake decorating in this introduction course. Everything from frosting a cake perfectly smooth to piping intricate borders and making frosting roses will be covered. Each student will take home a fully decorated cake. Maybe one day you could be just like Food Networks and TLC’s top cake decorators. (2 hours) $55

9/28              430pm - 630pm                 Monday
Web Course
Course Number: PER 773 75               CRN: 18152               Professor Savino

ONLINE Trick or Treat Cake Decorating
Are you having or going to a Halloween party, well in this class you will be making a spooky dessert ready for its film debut. You will learn how to make a Halloween themed 3-Dimentional cake. Learn the basic ins and outs of working with fondant for that realistic look everyone’ s going crazy for. The class will cover dying, rolling out and laying fondant properly on your 3-D cakes, complete with fondant accents. (2 hours) $55

10/21                  4:30pm - 630pm                  Wednesday
Web Course
Course Number: PER 771 75                   CRN: 18150              Professor Savino

ONLINE Coolest Holiday Cookies
Come learn how to make your own homemade theme cookies. Decorate them with a cool stained glass candy look, goodies and royal icing. Take home recipes and ideas with the knowledge of the newest trend in cookie decorating. These cookies have breath taking colors that are perfect for a gift, party or to just wow your guests. (4 hours) $75

11/16 - 11/23                430pm - 630pm                Monday
Web Course
Course Number: PER 772 75                CRN: 18151              Professor Savino


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