Culinary Adventures

Pasta Time!
Pasta time! Homemade pasta is one of the most delicious and simple thing to make. In this class, we will show you how to make pasta from scratch. We will make a classic egg dough and a spinach dough too! We will make spaghetti, linguini and pappardelle together. Mangia!
This class is limited to 9 enrollments and requires a $10 materials fee to e paid on the first night of class to the instructor via cash or check.  This class is held at the Middlesex Meeting House located at 294 Concord Rd, Billerica, MA (3 Hours) $55

03/18                   5:30pm - 8:30pm                   W                    MUSTOE
PER 957 30                 19856                             OFF

Let’s Do Brunch
Brunch offers up the perfect playground for exploration of new taste variations on some tried and true classics. Join us as we reach beyond oatmeal and explore the softer side of eggs, custard style French toast, gourmet crepes and more! Hope you can join us for this great class brimming with tasty ideas!
This class is located at the Middlesex Meeting House, 294 Concord Road, Billerica, MA and is limited to 9 enrollments. (3 Hours) $45

04/24                   1:00pm - 4:00pm                  F                       KIRBY
PER 962 30               19863                             OFF

Let’s Do Lunch
Luncheons can encompass everything from intimate Mother’s day celebrations to corporate affairs. Be prepared for both as part of our lunch bunch group where you will get the latest menu ideas from soup to salad to sandwiches. These menu options will go from a formal table to a picnic basket. Join us and explore the possibilities!
This class is located at the John Nesmith House located at 229 Andover Street, Lowell MA (3 Hours) $45

05/01             1:00pm - 4:00pm               F                  KIRBY
PER 961 30           19864                       OFF

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