Management Certificate

Management Training
Are you in the role of a supervisor or manager?  This program provides supervisors and managers the skills to shift from individual contributor to well respected manager and achieve team success. The following classes can be taken individually or you can complete all five classes to receive a certificate of completion.

Intro to Workplace Communication
This course is designed to share basic communication skills that are useful in the workplace. Topics covered will include effective listening skills, use of different types of questions, nonverbal behavior, diversity considerations in language use, tips on dealing with conflict effectively, responding to difficult questions.  We will discuss how to give feedback so that people can hear it more easily. Participants will have on opportunity to practice skills and ask questions. Interactive, practical, and fun! (3 hours) $85
Tuesday, September 10   
6p - 9p

Online via Zoom with class meeting times
Course Number CAR 970 75   CRN: 18362
Instructor Kangas

Understanding Motivation
We will discuss and review the latest research on motivation-it is probably not what you think.  Being able to understand what motivates you will help you be better able to support others’ discovering their motivation. A practical workshop with an opportunity for self-reflection and tools to use in the future.
(3 hours) $85
Tuesday, September 17
6p to 9p
Course Number: CAR 992 75   CRN: 18405
Online via Zoom with class meeting times
Instructor Kangas

Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace
This introductory workshop will cover DEI definitions, the history of DEI, how to connect DEI to your business strategy, the impact of stereotypes and  microaggressions, intent and impact, and tips on how to continue your DEI work and share ideas and concepts with others. Class will be interactive. Participants will have an opportunity to share perspectives and ask questions.
(3 hours) $85
Tuesday, September 24
6p - 9p
Online with class meeting times via Zoom
Course Number: CAR 963 75   CRN: 18363
Instructor Kangas

Performance Management
Most people dread performance reviews so let’s talk about ways to make it simpler, more collaborative, less threatening, and productive. Participants will be introduced to practical and easy to apply “best practices” performance management tools. Review the potential challenges of performance management and learn tools to manage them effectively. (3 hours) ($85) 
Tuesday, October 1
6p - 9p
Online with class meeting times via Zoom
Course Number  CAR 823 75   CRN  18404
Instructor  Kangas

Speaking with Confidence
This course will focus on ways to use your voice and build confidence both personally and professionally. We will explore different tactics to increase your self-esteem so you feel comfortable speaking up in any situation. Students will be provided the opportunity to practice speaking in a supportive environment.
(6 hours) $75
10/08 - 10/29          5:00pm - 6:30pm             Tuesday
Online with class meeting times              
Course Number: CAR 921 33       CRN: 18431         Professor:  HAHN

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