Computer Training

NOTE: All on campus instructor-led computer training uses MS Office Suite 2013; MS Windows 7. 
Please bring a flash drive to all computer classes to save any work.

Practical Computers - An Intro to PC's and Windows
This course is an introduction to the computer and computer applications via lecture and hands-on activities.  We start with an overview of computer hardware, software, and networks that includes the use of Microsoft Windows for running programs, the creation of folders, and file management.  We continue with a focus on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Email, and the Internet. Please bring a flash drive to class. (12 hours) $149
2/4- 2/25           6pm-9pm         W                    B                    AR 102        
TEC 602 30          12252             KILROY


4/1- 4/22           6pm-9pm         W                    L                     LC 202
TEC 602 80          12286             KILROY


Computer Applications Certificate
This Computer Applications course prepares you for personal computer applications specialist jobs. It is for a student who is or wants to be employed in businesses that use or want to use microcomputer word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database software packages. Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access are thoroughly explored in this program.  Please bring a flash drive to class. (36 hours) $499
1/22-4/9            6pm-9pm         R                     B                    AR 101
TEC 618 30          15772             KELLEY
No class 3/19

3/3-5/26            6pm-9pm         T                     L                     LC 201
TEC 618 80          16141             KELLEY
No class 3/17


MS Excel 2013 - Beginning/Intermediate
This comprehensive course provides the in-depth, hands-on instruction needed to work with Microsoft Excel 2013.  In this 9-hour course students will learn the fundamentals of creating workbooks, performing calculations, using built-in formulas, formatting the worksheet, combining, sorting, and summarizing data, working with charts and printing. Please bring a flash drive to class.
(9 hours) $149
2/7-2/21            10am-1pm       S                     L                     LC 202
TEC 703 80          16569             TROCHE

3/10-3/31          6pm-9pm         T                     B                    AR 102
TEC 703 30          13717             TROCHE
No class March 17

4/21-4/23          1:30p-4:30p    T, W, R            B                       AR 102
TEC 703 35          17349             TROCHE

MS Excel 2013 Advanced
This course provides an overview of the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Excel 2013, including the following: performing calculations across multiple worksheets, Built-in-functions such as V-Lookup, PMT, and using What-if Analysis, analyzing data with PivotTables, automating repetitive tasks with macros, troubleshooting with auditing and protecting the workbook. Please bring a flash drive to class. (6 hours) $99
3/7-3/14            10am-1pm       S                     L                     LC 202
TEC 704 80          16570             TROCHE

4/14-4/21          6pm-9pm         T                     B                    AR 102
TEC 704 30          12319             TROCHE

MS Excel 2013 Certificate
From beginning to advanced functions of MS Excel 2013, prepare yourself for the workforce demands as you become proficient with Microsoft Excel 2013. Whether you have used MS Excel before and just want to learn more about Excel or are completely new to the program, this course is designed to teach you the features of MS Excel to have you using it like a pro from beginning to advanced functions. The business and personal uses of the Microsoft Excel program are endless. This program will give you a powerful set of skills to help you with career advancement. Upon successful completion, you will be able to: create and format a worksheet; create formulas; manipulate and calculate data with advanced formulas, create and modify tables, present data with charts, analyze data using PivotTables, customize data, work with multiple workbooks, import and export data. Pre-req: Students must be proficient in a MS Windows environment with keyboarding skills. Please bring a flash drive to class. (24 hours) $349
2/23-4/20          6pm-9pm         M                    B                    AR 102
TEC 724 30          16566             TROCHE
No class March 16

Presto PowerPoint Presentations & More!
This class promises to jumpstart the novices and introduces the most fluent of users to new and innovative ideas. Discover MS PowerPoint 2013 and its wonderful tools and features for creating original and creative presentations from basic to advanced functions.  Explore the more advanced features like how to enhance presentations using PowerPoint and Windows Paint as editing tools for graphics and pictures, creating hyperlinks to connect multiple presentations, learning to match colors perfectly with your logo, and creating custom designed backgrounds for specifically focused presentations. This class will also review the do’s and don’ts of creating presentations to maximize effectiveness. Prerequisite: While this is a comprehensive class that will cover the beginning, intermediate and advanced features of PowerPoint, it is not for non-computer users. Some prior experience to using MS Windows and basic word processing skills is required.  Please bring a flash drive to class. (15 hours)  $249
3/4-4/8              6pm-9pm         W                    L                     LC 201
TEC 743 80          17350             TROCHE
No class March 18

The Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office 2013 Master ONLINE Course # GES 842
This program teaches the basic and necessary skills to work as an Administrative Professional, including the proficiencies required to work with four major Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The program also prepares you for the Microsoft Certification Exams 77-418, 77-425, and 77-426 (Word), 77-420, 77-427, and 77-428 (Excel), 77-422 (PowerPoint), and 77-423 (Outlook).  You will learn essential skills including how to work in a modern professional office, how to maintain a professional image, personal and professional ethics, communication essentials, technology basics, records and financial management, event planning and travel, and how to achieve career advancement. You will also learn advanced level skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 2013. This program can only be taken on a PC. It is not Mac compatible. It is compatible with Windows XP and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers.   To enroll for MCC, call 877-221-5151. Not eligible for tuition waivers. ONLINE Course. (445 hours) $1,995

MS Word 2013  ONLINE Course # GES 839
Learn the essential skills needed to master Word 2013. This Microsoft Word 2013 (MOS) online training program teaches you Word 2013 fundamentals, while preparing you for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Exam 77-418. Some of the topics covered include: basic navigation skills, such as working with the Ribbon and File tab; creating documents and templates, formatting documents; using advanced editing tools; working with document views, including viewing multiple windows. You will also learn to work with comments and track changes, compare and combine documents, use mail merge, and protect documents and restrict formatting and editing. To enroll for MCC, call 877-221-5151. Not eligible for tuition waivers. ONLINE Course.  (70 hours) $595

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