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ONLINE Medical Interpreting
There is a critical need for trained medical interpreters! If you’re bilingual, have good speaking and listening skills, and enjoy working with people, you may have a future as a medical interpreter.
This 60-hour program provides working knowledge of medical interpreting, including standards of practice, ethics, HIPAA regulations, cultural competency, and medical terminology/vocabulary. Open to all languages, students must be fully bilingual and must be fluent in English and one other language. Course is designed for those preparing for entry level careers as medical interpreters as well as for working interpreters preparing for the National Board Certificate exam. This program meets the National Board for Medical Interpreter Certification training requirement and prepares you to pass the certification exam. For information on certification prerequisites visit http://www.certifiedmedicalinterpreters.org/prerequisitesMedical Interpreters are currently in great demand for VRI and OPI (Video Remote Interpreting and Over-the-Phone Interpreting).  Our 60-hour course has added a module that trains students on how to provide these types of remote interpreting. Make your own hours and work from home! THIS COURSE WILL BE OFFERED THROUGH AN ONLINE PLATFORM.  Login information will be sent prior to the class start date.

Because a language assessment is required, students must register at least two weeks in advance. This program is offered in collaboration with TransFluenci EDU, a leader in the medical interpreter training field and is taught by an experienced medical interpreter.

This course is not eligible for waivers or vouchers.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be awarded. (60 Hours) $1,199

09/21 - 12/09                  6:00pm - 9:00pm                 Monday/Wednesday
WEB Course
Course Number: HLT 607 80               CRN: 17988

For more information or To Register contact Caitlin Campopiano at campopianoc@middlesex.mass.edu


NEW! ONLINE! Remote Interpreting (Video and Over the Phone)
Calling Interpreters of all Languages! If you speak a second language, you can work from home and make your own hours. There is a tremendous amount of work available for Remote Interpreters--both phone and video--throughout the country.  Offered in partnership with TransFluenci EDU, this 30-hour class meets twice a week for 5 weeks.  Students will learn the ins and outs of remote interpreting which includes both video and over the phone (VRI and OPI).  Students will learn how to set up their offices and computers to accept assignments from a number of companies who are actively searching for interpreters of all languages. The class will cover Medical and Legal Standards of Practice, ethics, HIPAA and intense practice sessions and simulations using a variety of platforms on a wide variety of topics, such as Medical Encounters, Depositions, Unemployment Hearings, Educational Hearings and Meetings such as IEP meetings, and Due Process Hearings. In addition to intense classroom simulated practice, our instructor will provide advice on best practices, how to apply for assignments, and what to expect as compensation.

Our instructor, Catherine Bermudez Sanabria, is a Certified Medical Interpreter, (CCHI) and has worked as a medical interpreter at Baystate Medical Center for 10 years. Ms. Bermudez holds an MA in Education/ESL from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. In addition to intense classroom simulated practice, Ms. Bermudez will provide advice on best practices, how to set up your home office, how to apply for assignments, and what to expect as compensation. 

Pre-requisite: Students must provide a certificate of completion for a minimum of 40 hours of interpreter training or a letter from your employer confirming a minimum of 2 years’ experience in providing interpretation in any setting. Students must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Please register early as a brief telephone interview will be required before acceptance into the course.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion from the college.

(30 hours) $599. Not eligible for waivers.

10/05 - 12/02                6:00pm - 9:00pm                 Monday/Wednesday
WEB Course
Course Number: HLT 754 33               CRN: 18125            Professor: SANABRIA
For more information or To Register contact Caitlin Campopiano at campopianoc@middlesex.mass.edu




Hands-on Review of Local Anesthesia Techniques -  6 CEUs
If you are a Registered Dental Hygienist with a valid, current state permit/license to administer Local Anesthesia and would like to have faculty oversee your technique, this class is for you. We will review maxillary and mandibular nerve blocks. Specific injection techniques will be determined by participants.  The goal of this course is to become more comfortable with injection techniques that you have already learned, or to troubleshoot any barriers you have encountered.  This course includes four hours clinical and a two-hour lecture. Participants are required to sit as a patient.   Required Forms:  In order to participate you must have your permit/license to administer local anesthesia from your state dental board and sit as a patient for this hands-on course.  Please submit the following forms/copies to the Community Education and Training Department at MCC:  state RDH license, CPR certification, state permit to Administer Local Anesthetic, medical history form, and consent form.  Memo of Understanding is not required. Liability insurance covered by MCC. Note:  If you have passed a local anesthesia certification course in the past 24 months, you may also participate in this class with proof of passed L/A certification course. between September 13, 2018 - present.  Lead Instructor: Debra November-Rider, RDH, MSDH.   To download forms:  www.middlesex.mass.edu/dhla

6 hours, 6 CEUs.   
$339. 2 hour lecture, 4 hour clinical.  
Course # CAR 753 80                  
Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 8:30a - 3p
Lowell, MA campus
Enroll: Call 1800-818-3434 by August 31 .Please provide a valid email and cell phone number. Course # CAR 753 80
Note:  No aerosols are produced during clinic.   MCC will provide face masks, gloves, disposable  gowns and face shields. 
Class size limited to 12 and 3 faculty. 


Medical Emergencies for the RDH and CDA - 3 CEUs. LIVE, ONLINE Course Lecture
Medical emergencies do occur in the dental setting, and we all need to be prepared!  This course will provide participants with guidelines for preventing and managing medical emergencies.  Prevention strategies will include reviewing the patient medical history, obtaining medical consultations and modifying treatment for medically compromised patients.  Participants will learn how to conduct a patient risk evaluation, the importance of emergency equipment in the office, and how to manage common medical emergencies as part of the dental team.  3 hours, 3 CEUs.  $53. Taught by Dr. Mary Terkoski, D.D.S.

At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Assess a patient’s emergency risk
  • Request necessary physician consultations before providing treatment
  • Modify treatment to prevent emergencies from occurring
  • Assemble an emergency medical kit
  • Describe basic medical emergency management protocol
  • Recognize the clinical signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies
  • Manage several common medical emergencies

Course # HLT 721-75
Course Date:  Saturday, October 3 from 9:30a - 12:30p
ONLINE Class. Enroll by Sept 24 by calling 1800-818-3434.  Provide a valid email and cell phone number for course communication. 


Safe & Effective Local Anesthesia - 4 CEUs.  Live,Online Course with Debra November Rider
Do you know why when you give an IANB, you do not achieve complete anesthesia or anesthesia at all? What is the safest local anesthetic for your pregnant patient, cardiac patient or a patient with liver disease? What new advances are there in local anesthesia? This presentation will address how to ensure the safest anesthetic for your patient, and how to troubleshoot and improve your injection techniques. A review of how to calculate the MRD to prevent toxicity will be covered including other risk management principles for safe local anesthesia administration. Lecture class only; no clinical component.  Open to any dental professional.  (4 hours, 4 CEUs) $89

At the completion of this presentation, the participant will be able to:
1. Identify critical anatomical landmarks for various maxillary and mandibular nerve block injections.
2. Assess causes for inadequate local anesthesia and make recommendations for improvement.
3. Implement strategies to troubleshoot inadequate or absence of local anesthesia.
4. Calculate the maximum recommended dose (MRD) based on the patient’s weight and medical status.
5. Determine factors to consider when formulating a safe treatment plan for local anesthesia.
6. Describe the most recent advances in pain control.
Saturday. November 7, 2020 from 9a - 1p
ONLINE course 

Course Number HLT 744 30   
Enroll by October 23 by calling 1800-818-3434.  Provide a valid email and cell phone number for course communication.   

New for Dental Professionals:  Nutritional Considerations in Oral Health - Live, Online Course - 3 CEUs
This course provides participants with a review of core nutrition concepts with a focus on oral health. We will explore the foundations of a nutritionally balanced diet and the implications of diet and nutrition on oral health, both broadly and in consideration of specific populations and life stages. Participants will be empowered to confidently apply diet and nutrition knowledge in their clinical practice and further support the health and healthy actions of their patients.  Open to any dental professional.  3 CEUs, 3 hours.  $53. Presenter:  Kelly Shutoff 

Course Objectives:  After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the essential nutrients and describe their functions, common dietary sources, imbalance manifestations, and oral health implications.
  • Describe the key elements of a balanced diet.
  • Explain the roles of diet and nutrition in caries risk.
  • Explain the roles of diet and nutrition in periodontal health.
  • Discuss the implications of diet and nutrition on oral health across life stages and specific populations.
  • Discuss how to perform a dietary assessment in the dental setting and apply findings in effective patient education.

Date:  Saturday, October 24  from 9a - 12p
ONLINE course 
Course Number HLT 751-75 
Enroll by October 14 by calling 1800-818-3434.  Provide a valid email and cell phone number for course communication.   



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