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NEW  - Medical Office Administrator Certificate

The Medical Office Administrative Assistant is the first point of contact between the patient and the medical office, establishing a professional and positive patient experience.
This program will provide skills needed for an entry level position as a patient access coordinator, medical office admin, customer service, or call center representative.
Topics:  Customer Service Excellence, Intro to Medical Terminology, Introduction to Medical Billing, and Intro to Computer Applications. (81 hours) $2,175

Note: Grant Funding available for underemployed and/or unemployed. For more information e-mail career_training@middlesex.mass.edu.  This course is not eligible for tuition waivers. Student Must Enroll in All Sections

2/2 - 3/8             9:00am - 1:00pm              Friday 
Bedford Campus               Room TBD          
Instructor: MAGLIO (Customer Service) 

Course Number: HLT 790 30        CRN: 20319  
No class March 1.    Last class March 8 via Zoom 

2/13 - 4/2            2p - 4:30p        Tuesday              
Bedford Campus               Room TBD          
Instructor:  CHABNER (Medical Terminology) 
Course Number: HLT 790 32        CRN: 20337        

3/13 - 4/24         2p - 5p            Wednesday        
Bedford Campus     Building: Academic Resources Room AR 102           
Instructor: KILROY (Computer Applications) 

Course Number: HLT 790 34        CRN: 20339

4/9 - 5/9              2:00pm - 4:00pm              Tuesday/Thursday
Online with Class Meeting Times               Instructor: MCKETHAN (Medical Billing) 
Course Number: HLT 790 75        CRN: 20338        


Medical Emergencies for the RDH and CDA
Medical emergencies do occur in the dental setting, and we all need to be prepared!  This course will provide participants with guidelines for preventing and managing medical emergencies.  Prevention strategies will include reviewing the patient medical history, obtaining medical consultations and modifying treatment for medically compromised patients.  Participants will learn how to conduct a patient risk evaluation, the importance of emergency equipment in the office, and how to manage common medical emergencies as part of the dental team.  3 hours, 3 CEUs.  $60
At the end of the course participants should be able to:
•             Assess a patient’s emergency risk
•             Request necessary physician consultations before providing treatment
•             Modify treatment to prevent emergencies from occurring
•             Assemble an emergency medical kit
•             Describe basic medical emergency management protocol
•             Recognize the clinical signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies
04/06    9:30am - 12:30pm            Saturday              Professor: TERKOSKI
Lowell Campus                                 
Course Number:  HLT 721 80       CRN: 20299         

Nutrition Considerations for the Dental Professional
This course provides participants with a review of core nutrition concepts with a focus on oral health. We will explore the foundations of a nutritionally balanced diet and the implications of diet and nutrition on oral health, both broadly and in consideration of specific populations and life stages. Participants will be empowered to confidently apply their diet and nutrition knowledge in their clinical practice and further support the health and healthy actions of their patients. 3 CEUs, 3 hours $65

 Course Objectives: After this course, participants will be able to:
•        Identify the essential nutrients and describe their functions, common dietary sources, imbalance manifestations, and oral health implications.
•        Describe the key elements of a balanced diet.
•        Explain the roles of diet and nutrition in caries risk.
•        Explain the roles of diet and nutrition in periodontal health.
•        Discuss the implications of diet and nutrition on oral health across life stages and specific populations.
•        Discuss how to perform a dietary assessment in the dental setting and apply findings in effective patient education.
•        Identify evidence-based nutrition resources for clinicians and patients.
03/02                    8:00am - 11:00am            Saturday              Professor: SHUTOFF
Online with Class Meeting Times
Course Number: HLT 751 75        CRN: 19973     

Dental Office Administration
Are you looking for a career in dental office administration? Join us for a complete introduction to dental front office administration. We will provide a foundation of dental knowledge and administrative skills for anyone interested in starting a career in a dental practice with little to no experience, or dental assistants seeking to expand their knowledge. Course is taught online with instructor via Zoom.
Topics: Intro to Dental Practice, Dental Terminology/HIPAA/Infection Control, Superior Customer Service and The Patient Experience, Appointment Scheduling and Phone Skills, Treatment Planning, Insurance, and Co-pays, Review and Professional Opportunities.  $299
03/28 - 05/02     6:30pm - 9:00pm              Thursday             Professor: LAROCHE
Online with Class Meeting Times
Course Number:  HLT 782 75       CRN: 20253 

Refining Local Anesthesia – A Hands-on Review
If you have been administering local anesthesia for 2 years or 20 years and would like to refine your technique or learn various troubleshooting techniques to improve your effectiveness, this hands-on course is for you! We will review various maxillary and mandibular nerve blocks, but specific injection techniques administered will be determined by YOU. The goal is to have you become comfortable again with injection techniques that you have already been taught or to troubleshoot any barriers that you have encountered.   Note: this class does not meet the requirements as a recertification course.  Participants must submit the following forms to MCC:  Medical History form, Consent form, Dental or Dental Hygiene license, CPR Cert Card, permit to administer local anesthesia (RDH), or proof that you have passed an anesthesia certification course (RDH) within two years on this course date.  3-hour lecture; 4-hour clinical where participants will sit as a patient.  7 CEUs awarded upon successful completion. $400. Course Objectives: 
1.            Describe what structures the trigeminal innervate for both maxillary and mandibular nerve blocks.
2.            Identify important hard and soft tissue landmarks for various maxillary and mandibular nerve blocks.
3.            Describe the various troubleshooting techniques to make your injections more accurate and successful.
4.            Demonstrate proper local anesthesia technique for various nerve block injections.
5.            Demonstrate how to redirect for the inferior alveolar nerve block to make it successful.
6.            Compare and contrast the different local anesthetic drugs to formulate a safe treatment plan.

05/04                    8:30am - 4:00pm              Saturday              Professor:  NOVEMBER-RIDER
Lowell Campus   Building: Talbot               Room: LT 215
Course Number:  HLT 788 80       CRN 20314          


Dental Radiography: Putting Theory to Practice
Remote Online Live Lecture CE Course – 2 CEUs.
Course Number HLT 759-75

This online refresher course will provide the dental radiographer the basic principles of x-ray production and biology. The fundamentals of intraoral radiographic exposures and interpretation will be reviewed, as well as troubleshooting common challenges through technique and armamentarium modifications. Attendees will leave with reinforced understanding of and confidence in dental radiography theory and application in patient care. Course is open to any dental professional working with x-ray production. $55

 Define x-radiation and explain the basic steps of x-ray production.
 Describe the biological effects of ionizing radiation on a living organism.
 Outline fundamental principles of intraoral radiographic exposure selection and technique.
 Identify features of normal anatomy and common deviations from health in the interpretation process.
 Troubleshoot challenging intraoral exposures through technique and armamentarium modification.

Course Number HLT 759-75
Next session TBA 



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