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NEW! Digital Media Marketing Certificate Program
In today’s internet driven world, understanding your businesses digital media marketing plan is essential.  In this program, you will learn about the different digital media outlets and how those can be applied to your digital marketing plan. The listing below represents the order the classes occur in throughout the semester. Students will receive a certificate upon completion. (15 hours) $199
09/25 - 11/06     6:00pm – 8:30pm             M            B             NOEL
TEC 661 30          17158                    NA-102

Fundamentals & Trends in Digital Media Marketing Learn the basics of digital media marketing, what platforms are included in digital media marketing, and how this is important in today’s market. (2.5 hours)

Optimizing Marketing Emails Get email marketing tips to turn your generic e-blasts into optimized, personalized emails that your customers will actually read!  Hear best practices on email lists and what you can and cannot say in a marketing email.  Learn how to increase your open and click-through rates and more! (2.5 hours)

Search Engine/Website Optimization Learn the process of improving the volume and quality of consumer traffic to your website.  Get tips and strategies that will make your website search-engine friendly. (2.5 hours)

Tracking Your Digital Media Marketing Now you know how to get customers to your website, but how do you track that data. Learn the best ways to track this important data and what you can learn from the results.(2.5 hours)

Mobile & Online Advertising Learn about the different online advertising channels and how to select those that will be consistent with their mobile marketing campaigns.  Gain knowledge on trends and guidelines around online and mobile advertising. (2.5 hours)

Creating Your Digital Marketing Campaign Bring all the knowledge you have gained through the program together to create your business digital marketing campaign.  Students should come to class with a digital marketing plan prepared and ready for instructor feedback.  (2.5 hours) 

NEW! Graphic Design for Non Designer Certificate
Begin learning the fundamental principles of graphic design using Microsoft Word and Google Docs in this hands-on certificate program.  Learn the basics of graphic design and how to implement these tools.  The listing below represents the order the classes occur in throughout the semester. Students will receive a certificate upon completion. (18 hours) $229
09/27 - 11/08     6:00pm - 9:00pm              W           B             NOEL
TEC 662 30          17160                                    HH-211

Designing 101 What does C.R.A.P. stand for and how does it apply to graphic design?  You will learn the four basic principles of graphic design marketing, contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.  Looking at these basic principles, you will begin to discuss how this can be implemented into a business plan. (3 hours)

Designing 101 cont. A continuation of Designing 101 with more in-depth discussion on design your portfolio.(3 hours)

Branding Your Business Think you need a large budget and marketing firm to brand your business?  Think again! This class will break down the branding process into easy-to-execute steps to create a winning and successful business brand and mission statement. (3 Hours)

Stationary Designing Building upon your knowledge of C.R.A.P. and your business brand, learn how to create letters, business cards, PowerPoint presentations, etc. that will be effective and polished. (3 Hours)

Advertising and Designing for Media Learn to create fliers, advertisements, posters, etc. that incorporate your business brand and the basic graphic design concepts that represent your business. (3 hours)

Design Portfolio Building upon the previous 5 modules, create a design portfolio for your business marketing needs and get feedback from your instructor.  Students should come prepared with their graphic design portfolio. (3 Hours)  

UPDATED! Social Media Certificate Program
MCC's Social Media Certificate program is designed to provide participants with a foundation and skill set in the new, evolving world of social media. The skills can be applied immediately in the workplace or to market a small business. All eight classes must be attended in order to achieve a certificate. In order to get the most of each class students should open an account in each platform prior to the start of class. Time will not be spent creating accounts in class.  For detailed info: (16 hours) $249.                                          

10/03 - 11/21     6:00pm - 8:00pm              T              L              MASTROGIACOMO
TEC 640 80          17175                    LC 213A

WEB DESIGN                                   

NEW! Upping Your Website Using WordPress
Get hands-on experience with this powerful tool as you bring your vision to life with your own site and blog. You'll find out how to use WordPress to create pages and posts, add images and videos, change a site's look and feel, and include user-friendly features. You'll discover the ease of using WordPress design themes to express your creativity, and you'll see how much fun it is to be part of the vibrant WordPress online community. (12 hours) $149
10/25 - 11/15     6:00pm - 9:00pm              W           L              MASTROGIACOMO
TEC 768 80          17203                    LC-203   

Web Design Certificate 
This hands-on certificate program delves into the basic design theory, planning, deployment, and ongoing development of a website using WordPress or other blogging and content management systems.  Basic understanding of Windows and the internet are prerequisites. WordPress will be used for all courses.  To earn a certificate in web design, candidates must complete the following five courses:  Up and Running on the Web, Scripting Languages for the Web, Designing for the Web, Maintenance and Security for Web Servers, and Advanced Topics for the Web.  This is also the preferred order for courses to be taken.
Instructor Bio:  Greg Fishbone has been designing and maintaining websites for individuals, companies, and organizations for over 20 years, a period that has seen web technology develop from a computer lab accessory to the backbone of our modern economy and central player in our daily lives. Greg serves as principal designer at Groton Pixel Web Design.                                           
For detailed class information:


NEW! Customer Service Certificate Program
In today's competitive environment, profit and non-profit organizations will face operational and financial challenges with employees who are not trained and motivated to provide exceptional customer service. Participants may enroll in any or all modules listed below.  Participants must complete all 4 classes for a certificate of completion

The Importance of Exceptional Customer Service Customer Services is vital to a business because it is often the only contact a customer has with a business.  Students will be provided realistic examples on how to deliver exceptional customer service, which can differentiate your business from competitors and provide you with better financial success. (2 hours) $49                                    
10/10                     6:30pm - 8:30pm              Tuesday           Lowell 
CAR 873 30         17171                   

The Five Pillars of Effective Customer Engagement Each pillar of effective customer engagement represents a customer-training milestone and when practiced in the work environment, will better enable students to create an interaction with the customer that will increase trust, appreciation and satisfaction. (2 hours) $49                                    
10/17                     6:30pm - 8:30pm              Tuesday           Lowell 
CAR 874 30         17172                   

The Importance of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Students will be taught the importance of customer service messaging delivered verbally and through non-verbal communications. Students will be paired with other students for this interactive exercise and training session. (2 hours) $49                                    
10/24                     6:30pm - 8:30pm              Tuesday           Lowell 
CAR 875 30         17173                   

Turning the Difficult Customer into a Cheerleader Students will be trained in defusing a dissatisfied, angry or hostile customer through the art of the apology and other customer engagement tactics. (2 hours) $49                                    
11/7                     6:30pm - 8:30pm              Tuesday           Lowell 
CAR 876 30         17174                   


Management and Leadership Certificate for New Managers
This program will give new managers the skills needed to shift from an individual contributor to a well-respected manager and achieve team success. With role play and case studies, you will discover how to adjust use your unique skills and management style for this new challenge. Note: Participants may enroll in any or all modules listed below. Participants must complete all 6 classes for a certificate of completion. Instructor Bio: Dr. Marcie Zaharee brings 20 years of experience in academia, department of defense, and industry to Middlesex Community College. Marcie joined MITRE in 2005 as an Associate Department Head for Information Management and Practice where she worked to advance knowledge management in MITRE. She is now the Ideation and Innovation Manager within the Office of Corporate Technology responsible for the process and infrastructure of MITRE’s innovation program. Marcie holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Business Management and Education.
For detailed info:


NEW! Information Technology for Small Business Information Technology for Small Business provides a comprehensive guide of applications of end user computing, social media, cloud computing, and open source software to business process, decision making, and outreaching for small businesses. It is designed for business program students and small business owners. The purpose of the course lectures and discussions are to ensure students have sufficient technical awareness and managerial competence that will enable them to pursue advanced study in information technology for small business. There is no prerequisite for this course, however successful students will have fundamental knowledge of information and computer systems, and a general awareness of small business practices. (12 hours) $179                                    
07/11 - 08/01             6:00pm-9:00pm                   Tuesday                   Bedford            SABER
TEC 767 30                      13719                            AR 107


NEW! Cyber Security for Managers  Data security breaches and cybercrime are increasing at an alarming rate, and in addition to threatening a businesses’ critical information, they threaten our very way of life in a digital world. This introductory course is designed to give the non-security focused IT administrator or Manager an introduction to the concepts and terminology that comprise cyber security today so they can ensure their organization is prepared to protect its critical information assets. The purpose of the course lectures and discussions are to ensure students have sufficient technical awareness and managerial competence that will enable them to pursue advanced study in information security policy and management. There is no prerequisite for this course, however successful students will have fundamental knowledge of information and computer systems, and a general awareness of security issues in these systems. (12 hours) $179                                    
FALL: 10/10 - 10/31            6:00pm - 9:00pm                Tuesday      Bedford                   SABER
TEC 766 30                17164                 NA-103


Business Computer Applications Certificate This certificate course will prepare you for a position in offices where proficiency in software such as Microsoft Office suite is used. These positions include administrative  assistant, customer service or data entry. Students will become proficient in computer  skills such as file & folder management, system backup, device/printer setup, internet basics, password management along with word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation, and calendar software packages. These tools are commonly used in most work environments today. (24 hours) $299
Fall:    10/12 - 12/07               6:00pm - 9:00pm               Thursday         Bedford              KELLEY
TEC 748 30                 16128                   NA-102

Fall:    09/27 - 11/15               6:00pm - 9:00pm                Wednesday        Lowell              KILROY
TEC 748 80                16129                   LC-206


Winning Project Management In this introductory class you will develop the skills to build a sturdy project plan and to manage the project using that plan. You will learn how to balance the triple constraints of scope, cost, and schedule with the other project imperatives of quality, risk, stakeholder satisfaction, and business profit.  Participants will use their own real projects to develop a scope statement, work breakdown structure, network logic diagram, and resource assignments. Through the interactive game of Herding Cats, everyone will manage a project, revise a plan based on milestone achievements, assess risk, and re-plan to accommodate changes that occur. Topics include progress measurement techniques such as buffer management and earned value, status reporting, and how to manage a team of creative individual contributors. The program includes the latest terminology from PMI's PMBOK Guide.  Note: This is NOT a PMP exam prep course. Tuition includes class materials. Pre-req: Students should have experience with working on actual projects or be interested in managing projects in the future.  Instructor: Jack Nevison from New Leaf Project Management. (20 hours) $549. To register call 1800-818-3434 between July 3 - Sept 1. 
9/15 - 9/29          8:30am - 3:30pm               Friday             Bedford campus 
CAR 869 30          17151                                NA-109  

PMP Exam Prep – Accelerated This intensive two-day course will ensure that you are well prepared to begin your studies to take the PMP exam.  This class was developed by a New Leaf executive who was a contributor to early editions of the PMBOK Guide and who helped revise the PMP Exam for the Project Management Institute (PMI).  It provides an intensive review of the knowledge areas that form the basis of the PMP Certification exam. You will identify personal strengths/ weaknesses in each of these areas and develop a personalized strategy for passing the exam. Upon completion, you will be able to: Know the important sections in The PMBOK Guide to study for the exam; Identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to focus on topics found on previous PMP Certification exams; Apply concrete steps to address test-taking anxiety; Define your preparations to pass the exam. Enrollment is through New Leaf Project Management and taught by Jack Nevison.  This course will be held at The Colonial Inn, Concord, MA.  To enroll call or e-mail Nancy McJennett at or 978-369-9009. Please indicate Middlesex Community College upon enrollment.  
Pre-Req: See web site for qualifications to sit for the PMP exam.  Course handouts included in tuition; PMI text a separate fee (15 hours) $995 
10/20 & 10/21         8:00am - 4:00pm                    OFF-Campus 
CAR 870 33          17152                    



SHRM Human Resource Certification Exam Prep
The Future of HR is SHRM - Certified. Establish yourself as a globally recognized human resource expert by earning the SHRM standard in HR certification: SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). These professional certifications can open doors for professional advancement, serve to harmonize standards with changing expectations and signal to employers advanced professional development. Ensure you’re prepared with our course designed for SHRM credential candidates. Expand and test your knowledge and practical, real-life competencies in areas critical for HR career success. This intensive program combine’s expert instruction with MCC certified and experienced instructor along with the SHRM Learning System so you will learn faster, retain more knowledge and stay on track for success on the exam. For more information visit The course investment includes instruction, online and print course materials. More Info: (33 hours) $1280 Enroll by September 6
9/19 - 12/5                  6:00pm - 9:00pm                      T                    B                   HARRINGTON
CAR 841 30                       16578                       HH-114
no class November 21

9/18 - 12/1                     6:00pm - 9:00pm                      WEB                      FERRARO-DEYELLE
CAR 841 75                         17146

SHRM HR Essentials
This fifteen (15) hour introductory course offers a solid, comprehensive overview of human resource roles and responsibilities. We will provide participants with critical knowledge to help reduce potentially costly lawsuits and improve the ability to handle challenging HR issues. This course is ideal for those who are just starting out in the HR profession, small business owners, or those who are looking for an effective way to improve their employee management skills. Tuition includes all SHRM® study materials which will be distributed the first class. HR Topics Covered: HR Management, Employment Law, Recruitment and Selection Compensation and Benefits, Employee Development and Performance Management. In cooperation with SHRM®, a certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of all hours. Partial credit is not awarded. For Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees: Course is eligible for tuition waiver only. Material/text fee is student paid. (15 hours) $595
10/4 - 11/1                      6:00pm - 9:00pm                     W               B                  MORROW
CAR 775 30                         14391                            AR-108

10/13 - 10/20                     9:00am - 4:30pm                    F                   B                MORROW
CAR 775 35                          17166                             AR-107

Social Media Employment Law
This online course offers a solid overview of Social Media Employment Law as it relates to the workplace. We will provide participants with knowledge to improve their ability to handle challenging HR issues that develop in the workplace through employees use and/or misuse of social media. Target audience: HR professionals, small business owners, or employees looking to improve their employee management skills. Topics include: How Social Media affects the workplace Social Media Law and employee rights Protected and non-protected activities Stored Communications Act Employer legal risks. Online course. (10 hours) $149
10/02 - 10/27                          WEB                             STARR
CAR 862 75                               17144


OSHA General Industry 10 hrs Training

This training program provides information for safe practices governed by OSHA standards for General Industry Workers, Worker rights, employer responsibilities and how to file a complaint, as well as identification, prevention and remediation of workspace dangers will be discussed. Instruction time is 10 hours minimum with additional time for testing and discussions. Students passing the test on the last day of class will receive OSHA certificates. OSHA cards are mailed within 90 days. * An $8 fee for OSHA cards will be collected during the first class. Students MUST attend all class sessions to receive their certificate and OSHA card. (12 hours) $179
10/24 - 11/14                          6:00pm - 9:00pm                  T                 L                  O’HARE
CAR 840 80                             16248                                 LC-102


ServSafe ®Food Protection Manager Certification
This program is intended for food service handlers, managers, and personnel both front of the house and back of the house. The course begins with an understanding of the scientific principles as they apply to the biological world, as well as other sources of contamination. We then examine how these principles effect personal hygiene and the food production environment. Finally, we discuss the structure of food safety systems, especially the HACCP program and how to maintain a constant safe food environment. We finish by taking the certification examination for food safety management. Textbook required:  Registrants will be notified when textbook becomes available. Once notified of textbook availability, students will be required to complete an assignment in preparation for the first class meeting.  Please provide valid email upon registration.  (8 Hours) $159

09/25 - 10/02            9:00am - 1:00pm                  Monday                      Lowell                          GIORDANO
CAR 857 80                    17198                        LD-204

Registration Deadline: 9/15


10/30 - 11/06            9:00am - 1:00pm               Monday                 Lowell                     GIORDANO
CAR 857 81                    17199                          LD-204

Registration Deadline: 10/20

NEW! ServSafe ® Re-Certification
Do you need to recertify? If it has been almost 5 years since you last took the Food Protection Manager Certification Examination, then you are due to renew! Students must provide their old certification number. This class includes time for review and time to take the exam. Study guide/practice exams provided prior to class.  Bring completed practice exams to class. Registrants will be notified when textbook becomes available.  If not purchasing a new textbook please contact ServSafe to order your ONLINE text access code. Please provide valid email upon registration (4 hours) $99
10/16               9:00am - 1:00pm                Monday                Lowell                        GIORDANO
CAR 871 80          17200                             LD-204
Registration Deadline: 10/2/17

11/13               9:00am - 1:00pm                Monday               Lowell                          GIORDANO
CAR 871 81          17201                            LD-204
Registration Deadline: 10/30/17



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