Drone, FAA Remote Pilot Certification

FAA Remote Pilot Certification

This program will cover the required knowledge content areas of the FAA’s Remote Pilot Testing including: Regulations, The National Airspace System, Weather, Aircraft Loading and Performance, and Flight Operations.  Upon completion, students should feel qualified to take the FAA Remote Pilot Test. 
Practice Questions will also be a key factor of this course. 
A third day is also included that will focus on the safe UAS operations in the field while operating advanced training drones in various exercises.  Course participants will also learn about key safety features of certain models of UAS’s as well as how to develop and follow sound checklist procedures and maintenance protocols.  This program is taught by Aviation and UAS industry expert, David Price.   (21 hours) $650

Please note: Instructor will use common drones (Mavic or Phantom) on day 3 of the class.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own device. 


Fall:  Saturday, September 14, 21, 28, 2024
9:00am - 4:00pm
Middlesex Community College 
591 Springs Road, Bedford, MA 
Course Number CAR 974 30   CRN 18377
Room: TBA

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  • To prepare attendees with minimal UAS experience for the FAA Remote Pilot Written examination
  • To introduce attendees to the current FAA requirements for drone operations as they apply to both private and public entities.
  • To Introduce attendees on the current FAA Remote Pilot Regulations
  • To introduce both current and potential drone operators of some of the most common safety practices.

Day 1 - FAA Certification Ground School

Module 0.5: Course Preflight

Module 1: FAA Part 107 Regulations​

Module 2: FAA Part 107 Regulations​ & Regulation Updates

Module 3: VFR Sectionals & National Airspace System​ - Airspace Classes

Module 3.5: VFR Sectionals & National Airspace System​ - TFRs & Special Use Airspace

Module 4: VFR Sectionals & National Airspace System​ - VFR Legend

Module 4.5: VFR Sectionals & National Airspace System​ - VFR Sections

Module 4.6: VFR Sectionals & National Airspace System​ - Online Airspace Resources

Day 2 - FAA Certification Ground School

Module 5: Weather Part 1 – Weather Theory​

Module 6: Weather Part 2 – Weather Reports​ (METARs and TAFs)

Module 7: Aircraft Loading and Performance​

Module 8: Flight Operations Part 1​: Airport Runway Markings and Traffic Patterns

Module 8.5: Flight Operations Part 2​: Aeronautical decision making and flight physiology

Module 9: Emergency Procedures

Module 10: Aircraft Maintenance​

Day 3 - Field Training and Test Prep

Module 11: UAS Safety Mitigation

Module 12: UAS Prelaunch

Module 13:  UAS Basic Maneuvers

Module 14: UAS Advanced Maneuvers

Module 15: Emergency Procedures

PRESENTER: David Price – Chief UAS Pilot Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.

David’s background is extensive in aviation higher education.  After working as a corporate pilot in the 1990’s, David’s focus change to aviation safety education.  David was a Professor of Aviation at Daniel Webster College where he developed and delivered curriculum for the College’s internationally accredited flight training program.  David was promoted to the position of Dean of Aviation Sciences at Daniel Webster College where he was responsible for all flight training and safety as well as all related academics for the college’s three aviation degree programs (flight, management, and ATC).

In 2010 David acquired the role of the Dean of Aviation at Bridgewater State University.  During his tenure there, David grew the flight training program from 37 to 142 students (283% increase). Developed the Flight Program’s first Safety Management System (SMS), achieved international academic accreditation, and was able to turn the flight training into a profitable program.

David is an FAA certified Advanced Ground Instructor and Flight Instructor.  In 2006 David was honored as Teacher of the Year by both the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Federal Aviation Administration. David is a graduate of Daniel Webster College with a BS in Aviation Management as well as an MBA.  In 2014 David received the Frank G. Brewer Award from the Civil Air Patrol for Aviation Education Excellence.
In 2016 David became the Chief UAS Pilot for Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. where he oversees all UAS operations which include survey-mapping, structures inspections, thermal imagery and training. 



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