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Center for Manufacturing

Middlesex Community College partners with the Center for Manufacturing Technology in Woburn, MA to offer manufacturing technology courseware. 

The Center for Manufacturing Technology is a full service training facility specializing in machine shop training, and offers a curriculum taught by top industry professionals.  Students gain hands-on experience using milling, lathe and grinding machines which are used by today’s manufacturers.  Your business will benefit from a training program customized especially for your employees by skilled and experienced instructors.  Diverse programs, flexible scheduling and employee certification will strengthen the skills of your workforce and improve your bottom line.  Classes begin weekly.

 Prerequisites: A study of signed numbers and the order of operations, powers, laws of exponents, roots, linear equations, point plotting, graph of straight lines and a brief introduction to plane geometry.

Please note: Classes begin weekly. All training takes place at Center for Manufacturing Technology, 30 Nashua Street, Woburn, MA. 

To learn more, call Lisa Tuzzolo at 978-656-3109, or email


Intro to General Machine Shop Practices
Students are introduced to the complex and rewarding field of Precision Machining. The program begins with Math Fundamentals and as you progress, you’ll learn about Basics of Manual Mill, Basics of Engine Lathe, Blueprint Reading, Basics of Tolerance, Structure of Metals, Grinding Processes, Mechanics of CNC, Basics of CNC Machining, and Basics of CNC Turning. During the training session students will participate in school projects or practical ‘labs,’ gaining valuable hands-on experience, creating hand tools or locating devices. Enrollment cycles are 16 weeks in length (four days per week, five hours per day), providing ample time for learning and content retention. In addition, Center for Manufacturing Technology has established measureable goals and rewards for consistent attendance, acceptable test and lab scores, and additional scholastic accomplishments. (320 hours) $7,500
BIN 601 94  14498


Manufacturing Best Practices for Success
Manufacturing Best Practices for Success is a 52-hour course designed to instruct students in Manufacturing, Finance and Accounting, Strategy and Leadership, Marketing and Sales, Quality, Human Resources, Information Technology and Team Approach. (52 hours) $1,335
BIN 602 94  14501  


Manufacturing Best Practices for Success
Manufacturing Best Practices for Success is a 72-hour course designed to instruct students in Manufacturing, GD&T, Finance and Accounting, Strategy and Leadership, Marketing and Sales, Quality, Human Resources, Information Technology and Team Approach. (72 hours) $3,400
BIN 622 94 16653  


MasterCam 2D Entry Level
The MasterCam 2D is a 10-lesson, 40-hour entry level course designed to instruct students in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Students will use Master-Cam to create CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programs. These programs will be posted from MasterCam into G-code then uploaded into a Haas Simulator so the student can verify the program. In addition, students will learn the five crucial steps that must be addressed when using MasterCam to create a CAD drawing and CAM program. (40 hours) $2,000
BIN 605 94  14502   


MasterCam 3D Entry Level
The MasterCam 3D course is a class designed for entry-level students who have completed course BIN 605 94 Master-Cam 2D Entry Level. The major difference in 3D is the capacity to create curves in the Z axis (up-and-down direction), thus allowing many more types of objects to be milled. The 3D course will continue the pattern established in 2D of answering the five questions that must be addressed each time MasterCam is used. (40 hours) $2,000.  They pertain to:

1) Drawing preparation
2) Material selection
3) Part origin
4) Toolpaths
5) Program Verification
BIN 607 94  14503   


Basic Blueprint Reading
Basic Blueprint Reading is a five-lesson, 20-hour course designed to instruct students how to read an engineering Blueprint. SolidWorks (CAD) software will be used to both illustrate and reinforce the student’s blueprint reading skills. (20 hours) $2,220
BIN 609 94  14506  


Introduction to Inspection Practices
Introduction to Inspection Practices is a 19-week course, taught in four hour sessions, two days a week. Students will be taught Inspection fundamentals such as; Reading Dial Calipers, Micrometer, Height Gage and Basic Machine Shop Math. The course is a combination of multimedia learning and hands on practical application in our lab. (76 hours) $2,000
BIN 611 94  14507    


OSHA 30 General Industry
The OSHA 30-hour General Industry Outreach Training course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in general industry. Specifically devised for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues. (30 hours)  $975
BIN 623 94  16654


OSHA 10 General Industry
The 10-hour General Industry Outreach Training Program is intended to provide an entry level worker’s general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards in a general industry setting. (10 hours) $325
BIN 624 94    16655 






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