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Nonprofit Management Certificate

This program introduces the key concepts and critical management components for all nonprofit organizations. From fundraising and board development, to volunteer management and program evaluation, this comprehensive series of courses is designed for anyone interested in launching a nonprofit organization or assisting in your own professional growth.  All classes are taught by Sarah Glatt Founder of Paper Crane Associates.            


Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
The nonprofit sector is unique in its challenges and opportunities, and one of the fastest growing service sectors in the country. Whether you’ve been exploring how to create your own nonprofit organization, looking for a job or hoping to move into an upper level management position, or seeking to increase your professional competency this course will introduce the core components of a nonprofit’s business plan, best management practices, and the required legal and financial path towards building a solid foundation for individual and organizational success. You will also gain an understanding of the historical significance of the sector, as well as exposure to its current evolution and emerging trends. (3 hours) $55

9/13      5:30pm - 8:30pm            Monday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 912 75       CRN: 18004   Professor GLATT   


Nonprofit Theory of Change
Developing theories of change can be highly impactful in shaping an organization’s work but these important tools are often unknown, misunderstood, and underutilized. In this workshop for senior leaders and program managers, Sarah Glatt of Paper Crane Associates will share her observations gleaned from her extensive experience collaborating with organizations on their strategic planning and program development efforts and lay out why she sees theories of change as “hidden gems,” how theories of changes are used, and how they are created.  Then in this interactive workshop, participants will work together to begin developing a theory of change for their organization or program.  $55

9/20      5:30pm - 8:30pm             Monday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 937 75       CRN: 18145    Professor GLATT  


Nonprofit Financial
Reading and preparing a nonprofit’s financial documents is fundamental to fiscal responsibility and to understanding the overall health of the organization. This course will discuss how to develop and maintain an annual budget, establish sound accounting practices, prepare key financial statements, balance cash flow, and understand both the power and limitations of how these numbers can help you monitor performance and articulate impact. (3 hours) $55

9/27      5:30pm - 8:30pm            Monday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 914 75       CRN:18007    Professor GLATT   

Nonprofit Board Governance
Nonprofit boards have responsibilities to the nonprofits they serve. Have you ever wondered why nonprofit boards are important? How should you translate the role & responsibilities of the board into individual responsibilities of each board member?  How do you make a personal decision to join a nonprofit board?  In this course, we will explore these questions while also covering concepts like board development and engagement, board committees, legal issues in the nonprofit sector, leadership and conflict resolution, and meeting management. (3 hours) $55

10/4   5:30pm - 8:30pm               Monday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 916 75     CRN: 18142    Professor GLATT   

Program Development & Evaluation
Developing programs which are clearly and closely tied to the organization’s mission, vision, and theory of change, as well as community needs, is a pillar of organizational success.  At the same time, program evaluations that assess the activities undertaken during the project and provides a rigorous understanding of the program’s impact, providing critical information for refining the program and assessing the program’s effectiveness.  In this class, we will learn walk through the fundamentals of developing and evaluating programs. (6 hours) $99

10/18-10/25       5:30pm - 8:30pm             Monday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 918 75                     CRN:18144     Professor GLATT  

Nonprofit Fundraising
Being able to successfully raise money and bring in the necessary resources to fulfill your organization’s mission is essential. This begins with the development of an informed and strategic fundraising plan. Learn tips, tricks, and tools to maximize your time and organizational capacity while establishing a culture of philanthropy at your organization. This course covers membership development, grant-writing and reporting, special events, annual funds, corporate and foundation relations, major gifts, and planned to give. (6 hours) $99

11/1-11/8           5:30pm - 8:30pm  Monday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 913 75          CRN: 18005     Professor GLATT            

Building Your Base of Supporters
Engaging stakeholders such as volunteers, members, and donors is an essential skill for nonprofit organizations.  Unfortunately, this process is often undeveloped and overlooked.  In this course, we will build our understanding of how to engage individual volunteers, members, and donors more deeply and more consistently. (6 hours) $99

11/15-11/22       5:30pm - 8:30pm             Monday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 917 30                     CRN: 18143    Professor GLATT  

Lifecycle Strategic Planning
Planning for the long-term growth and sustainability of an organization begins with setting realistic goals and establishing the metrics for accomplishing measurable objectives. Yet developing a strategic plan or launching a capital campaign can be the most rewarding and overwhelming project an organization embarks upon. For this reason, it is critical to fully understand these processes to ensure effective use of valuable time and resources before making significant investments of either. With adequate input and preparation upfront, you will be providing your team with a solid foundation to build upon and the direction to realize your vision for years to come. This course will introduce topics such as logic model, theory of change, understanding stakeholder groups, and feasibility studies. (6 hours) $99

11/29-12/6  5:30pm - 8:30pm    Monday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 915 75       CRN: 18009   Professor GLATT   

Note: For Massachusetts employers who would like to send employees to the above course:  Employers may qualify for 50% or 100% reimbursement through the Mass. Workforce Express Fund. Tuition must be employer paid.  More Info


Introduction to Grant Writing

This series will help people who are new to grant writing understand the process involved. We will start with an introduction to common online application formats, standard questions posed, and required forms. We will then move onto a deeper dive into specific questions to explain the funders’ motivation behind questions and approaches to use your response persuasively and accurately. We will complete the series with examples of successful grants applications and unsuccessful ones and invite your questions specific to grants applications that your organization may be working on at this time. Tracy Sopchak of NextStep Nonprofit LLC will cover these topics in a 3-part introductory series. (4.5 hours) $89


9/29-10/19         6:00pm - 7:30pm   Tuesday         Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 944 75            CRN:18209     Professor SOPCHAK       


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