Foreign Language

Spanish for Beginners
Introduction to Spanish is an interactive, fun class intended for those with little or no knowledge of the language. Its aim is to present essential vocabulary, grammar, and to develop the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills necessary for basic communication and comprehension. You will have the opportunity to practice and apply what you learn in conversation and enjoy getting to know your fellow classmates while doing so. Communicative class activities will include pair and group work, interviews and roleplaying. We will also introduce you to Spanish customs and culture!   $389
New Dates: 2/7/24 - 5/15/24     5:00pm - 6:30pm              Wednesday        Professor: HOYES
Online with Class Meeting Times
Course Number:  PER 645 75       CRN: 20318

Beginning Conversational French 
Discover how easy learning simple words and phrases for leisure and business can be. The Beginning Conversational French course makes pronunciation simple, with phonetic spellings for every word and phrase you need to learn French. This online course even includes audio so that you can hear and practice the language with little more than a click of your mouse! You will also learn cultural tips in each lesson that will make you more comfortable in a foreign setting. The skills you obtain will not only allow you to carry on a French conversation with ease but become prepared to speak French in a wide variety of settings and situations.  Classes begin monthly.  $150. 
Course is online through Ed2go.  Not eligible for waivers.  
Enrollment and payment is through Ed2go:


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