Student Completion Rate

Students enter community colleges with a variety of academic, career and personal goals. Many enroll at the college planning to complete a degree or certificate program. Others are more directly interested in improving their basic academic skills, mastering specific job skills, preparing to transfer to a bachelor's degree-granting institution or learning about topics of personal interest. In addition, community college students often must balance a variety of competing responsibilities, such as family, work and school, which make it difficult for many of them to enroll full time every semester.

As of January 2004, 48 percent of the full-time students entering Middlesex in the class of 2000...

  • Completed a degree or certificate program.
  • Transferred to a bachelor's degree or other certificate-granting institution.
  • Remained enrolled at MCC.

Of this entering class, 37 percent either completed a degree or certificate program at Middlesex, or transferred to a bachelor's degree-granting institution. The completion rate for their student cohort (those who earned a degree within three years or certificate within 18 months) is 14 percent.

On a 2003 Student Goals Achievement Survey, 91 percent of the students who left Middlesex Community College in good academic standing prior to earning a degree or certificate reported they had completely or partially satisfied their primary educational goal.

Last Modified: 9/28/12