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Engineering/CAD for Adult Learners
Engineering/CAD careers offer tremendous versatility and opportunities as the work makes an impact on our everyday world.  Engineers and Computer Aided Designers (CAD) have the opportunity to design things that can significantly improve our lives. This class will introduce Adult Learners to a career in engineering and CAD.  Students will explore their skills, values, and life goals while be introduced to tools such as hand-on printed circuit board layout, 3D printers, and other engineering tools through software programs and lecture.  We will include career mapping, tools such as SOLIDWORKS, printed circuit board layout, to formulate a real-world perspective on current jobs in Engineering and CAD and the requirements needs to achieve them!  Class will culminate with an assessment.  (15 hours)  $175
Next Session TBA 
Bedford MA campus      
Building: South Academic Hall, Room SA 201
Course Number: CAR 999 30    
Professor: ESCALONA


Last Modified: 6/17/24