Web Design Certificate Program

This introductory program delves into the basic design, planning and development of a website. Basic understanding of Windows and the Internet are prerequisites. Adobe Creative Suite CS5 will be used for all courses. To earn a certificate in web design, candidates must complete the following five courses: Photoshop Skills for the Web, Dreamweaver Basics and Essentials, HTML and CSS Basics, Advanced Dreamweaver and CSS and Maintaining a Website. This is also the preferred order for courses to be taken. Please contact Mary Wheeler at 781-280-3680 or wheelerm@middlesex.mass.edu if you have questions about coursework or to request a certificate.


Dreamweaver Basics and Essentials
Dreamweaver is the web development program used by more than 80 percent of web professionals. Students will learn to use Dreamweaver's WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) work flow to define sites, format text, insert graphics and media, create hyperlinks, tables, and forms. Students will create a 5-page, working website and practice publishing it to a simulated web host. Students must have working knowledge of Windows. (21 hours) $379
2/23-4/6        6pm-9pm         M                    B                    NA 102
TEC 623 30          14475             DONOHUE
No class 2/16


HTML & CSS Basics
This course offers an introduction to HTML code used for creating web pages on World Wide Web as well as the basics for styling pages using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets.) In the process of creating a small working web site, topics covered include HTML tags, text, lists, adding simple images, hypertext links, tables and forms. Students will also explore the use of CSS to develop site-wide page properties, text-formatting, table styling, and more. This course requires hand coding using Dreamweaver's built in HTML/CSS editor. Students must have basic word processing skills, knowledge of Windows, and of the Internet. (21 hrs) $379

5/13-6/24          6pm-9pm         W                    B                    NA 102
TEC 624 31          15766             DONOHUE

Advanced Dreamweaver + CSS
This course is a continuation of Dreamweaver Basics. Focus is on functions that speed up work flow as well as formatting and laying out your page structure using the CSS panel. Students will also be introduced to JavaScript driven, Spry widgets to quickly create drop-down menus, accordion boxes and form validation without having to write a single line of code! This course requires basic knowledge of Windows, Internet, and HTML (21 hrs) $379
4/13 - 6/1            6pm-9pm         M                    B                    NA 102
TEC 625 30          14990             DONOHUE


Photoshop Skills for the Web
Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool for preparing images for web. Students will learn to use Adobe Photoshop's tools to create images, edit photos and optimize for use in web based projects. Some of the topics covered will include file formats, color corrections, selections, spot touch ups, cropping, resizing, adjustment layers, adding text, how to composite images, special effects and more. Students will create headers, background images, banner ads and other content that can then be integrated into Adobe Dreamweaver. Students must have working knowledge of Windows.
(21 hrs) $379
3/25-5/6            6pm-9pm         W                    B                    NA 102
TEC 627 30          14992             DONOHUE


Maintaining a Website
This course will take the students through the planning process of developing a website from client meeting to site launch and beyond. Topics will include work flow, client meetings, contracts, color, wire framing, web hosting, domain registration, development, SEO (search engine optimization) and analytics. Students will also learn to incorporate Facebook and Twitter (social media plug-ins) into their site. (12 hrs) $189
6/8 - 6/29           6pm-9pm         M                    B                    NA 102
TEC 639 30          16144             DONOHUE


Attention Massachusetts Small Business Owners:  MCC's Web Design Certificate program is approved by the Massachusetts Workforce Express Fund.  This pool of funding   is designed for small business owners with less than 100 employees to  provide training for employees.  Funding is paid to employers (not employees). Applications must be received 6 weeks in advance of program. If eligible, this fund will reimburse  employers  50 % of the course tuition cost.  For more information on this funding, please contact Leandra Jones at Express@commcorp.org  or online application    Questions on this funding call 617-727-8158 x 6951.  The state approved course number is 1091805, Web Design Certificate

These three courses take place at Minuteman Technical School, 758 Marrett Road, Lexington.
Registration is through Middlesex Community College.

WordPress Made Easy
Build your own website and blog easily. Using WordPress, you'll learn to build, edit, and customize your own website—without any knowledge of HTML. We'll learn both technical setup and creative customizations, tailoring our efforts to the interests and needs of the class. Students should be comfortable using a computer and the Internet. Students should expect an additional expense if they choose to purchase a website domain and host. (16 Hours) $230
2/4-4/1              6:30pm-8:30pm                      W
TEC 646 33          17363            

4/29-6/17          6:30pm-8:30pm                      W
TEC 646 34          17364            

Search Engine Optimization
Improve the visibility of your website with search engines like Google. In this seminar, you will be taught sure fire ways to improve the indexing of your site in popular search engines. You will walk away with knowledge you can immediately implement on your webpages and add a marketable skill to your resume. Using Social Networking sites to drive traffic to your site will also be discussed. (2 Hours) $30
1/21                   6:30pm-8:30pm                      W   
TEC 650 33         17361


4/15                   6:30pm-8:30pm                      W             

TEC 650 34          17362


Blogging for Marketing and Fun
Create your blog to enhance your career, build marketing talent, raise funds, or become a journalist. Use your blog as a publicity and marketing engine. (3 Hours) $40
2/23                   6pm-9pm         M                

TEC 651 33          17358            


6/1                     6pm-9pm         M

TEC 651 34          17359

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