Social Media Certificate

Social Media Certificate Program 
MCC's Social Media Certificate program is designed to provide participants with a foundation and skill set in the new, evolving world of social media. The skills can be applied immediately in the workplace or to market a small business. All eight classes must be attended in order to achieve a certificate. In order to get the most of each class students should open an account in each platform prior to the start of class. Time will not be spent creating accounts in class. The  course listing below represents the order the classes occur in throughout the program  (16 hours) $249. All class sessions below are from 6p -8p. 

Spring:  Tuesday nights:  April 4 - May 23
Course Number:   TEC 640-30
Bedford Campus; Henderson Hall Room HH 211

Summer:  Tuesday nights:  June 6 - August 1.  No class July 4
Course Number TEC 640-30
Bedford Campus; North Academic Hall, Room NA-103


Introduction to Social Media 
Everyday people are logging into social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Pinning, tweeting, watching amateur videos, blogging and updating your status is just as common as turning on the television. This course gives you an overview of the major social media sites and provides some examples how individuals are using social media to brand themselves and businesses are using social media as a marketing tool. (2 hours) 

There’s a lot to “like” about Facebook
In the fast-paced world of social media marketing, some could argue that Facebook still is king (or queen). Are you interested in learning how to utilize Facebook to market your  business or product? Want to feel more engaged with your customers? This workshop will introduce you to the basics of business-based social networking, get you into Facebook for some hands-on learning and generate plenty of discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenally popular website. Topics include: Business pages, groups, events, promotions, applications, targeted advertising and insights. (2 hours)

Advanced Facebook
This course is a continuation of Facebook. The instructor will expand upon the content previously taught as well as discuss more ways to help your business by using this platform. (2 hours)

Twitter Launch for Small Business
What is a tweet and why should your customers care? Learn the secrets of engaging with your prospects and existing clients in 140 characters or less. Included will be the 5 essential best practices for Twitter use for small and growing businesses. No previous knowledge of Twitter needed: A hands-on overview of how to set up and start tweeting will be included. (2 hours)

Pinterest, Instagram and more!
Pinterest is taking social media by storm growing at a pace much fast than Facebook. Learn how to pin, what to pin and how pinning can play a major role in a social media marketing plan for a business. The class will also spend time on Instagram and other applications. This class will be a lecture format with no time spent on personal platforms. (2 hours)

LinkedIn has fast become the online networking application of choice. In this class you’ll learn the features of LinkedIn and how they can help you in business and the job search. Topics include: home page, your profile, recommendations, contacts, groups, and jobs. (2 hours) 

Advanced LinkedIn
This course is a continuation of LinkedIn. The instructor will expand upon the content  previously taught as well as discuss more ways to help your business grow. (2 hours)

Social Media Marketing Plan
During this course, students will present their social media marketing plans and get feedback from the instructors. Students should come prepared with the plan they have developed throughout the duration of the certificate. (2 hours)

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