Digital Media & Small Business Marketing

ONLINE Digital Media Marketing Certificate
In today’s internet driven world, understanding your businesses digital media marketing plan is essential.  In this program, you will learn about the different digital media outlets and how those can be applied to your digital marketing plan. The listing below represents the order the classes occur in throughout the semester. Students will receive a certificate upon completion.  Login information will be sent via email prior to the start of class. (15 hours) $219

03/03 - 04/14    6:00pm - 8:30pm             Wednesday        WEB Course      
Course Number: TEC 661 30        CRN: 19119         Professor NOEL


Fundamentals & Trends in Digital Media Marketing
Learn the basics of digital media marketing, what platforms are included in digital media marketing, and how this is important in today’s market. (2.5 hours)

Optimizing Marketing Emails
Get email marketing tips to turn your generic e-blasts into optimized, personalized emails that your customers will actually read!  Hear best practices on email lists and what you can and cannot say in a marketing email.  Learn how to increase your open and click-through rates and more! (2.5 hours)

Search Engine/Website Optimization
Learn the process of improving the volume and quality of consumer traffic to your website.  Get tips and strategies that will make your website search-engine friendly. (2.5 hours)

Tracking Your Digital Media Marketing
Now you know how to get customers to your website, but how do you track that data. Learn the best ways to track this important data and what you can learn from the results.(2.5 hours)

Mobile & Online Advertising
Learn about the different online advertising channels and how to select those that will be consistent with their mobile marketing campaigns.  Gain knowledge on trends and guidelines around online and mobile advertising. (2.5 hours)

Creating Your Digital Marketing Campaign
Bring all the knowledge you have gained through the program together to create your business digital marketing campaign.  Students should come to class with a digital marketing plan prepared and ready for instructor feedback.  (2.5 hours) 


NEW ONLINE! How to move your Business Online
More businesses are starting to look towards heading online as a way to cut costs, reduce their pricing, and
compete with large companies. The good news is it is easier than it used to be to move your business online. (12 Hours) $219

04/06 - 05/11                   Tuesday              WEB Course      
TEC 781 33          20004                   Professor MASTROGIACOMO

Why your business should be online & What’s possible
Now more than ever, businesses are moving online to create even more
diverse experiences for their customers, while creating more consistency in
their revenue and marketing. In this class we will learn why your business
should be online and look at some case studies of businesses who have done
it successfully.

Which business model should you follow?
In this class we will look at a few different business models and modes of ways
to take your business online, beginning to brainstorm how you can do the same.
For instance, is it selling your products online, is it hosting classes online?

Getting set up
This week we will begin to get your online space set up deciding on things like your website, platform, and more. While we will not be going over the tech, I will be providing different options, guides, and we’ll check in with each other throughout the week to discuss the benefits of each platform and how you’re doing setting them up.

Getting the word out/social media strategy
This week we will talk about how you can begin to get the word out leading up to launch day of your online business, including a brief overview of social media strategy and incorporating it into launch day and beyond.

Directing traffic to your online store
This week we will go over how to begin traffic to your online offerings both through organic means and Ads.

Market plan 
In our final week you will put together a plan for what your specific strategy in all these areas look like and your 6-month plan moving forward for how to continue to grow and expand


ONLINE Creating Your Business Website

Trying to create your business website can be a daunting task. Learn how to create a blog or website using a popular blogging platform or content management system. Students will become proficient in online account management, dashboard usage, content creation, media library maintenance, and video embedding. At the end of the course, keep
your site online and have all the tools necessary to be your own webmaster! (16 Hours) $289

03/25 - 05/13    7:00pm - 9:00pm             Thursday             WEB Course      
Course Number: TEC 775 33        CRN: 20006         Professor FISHBONE


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