Digital Media & Small Business Marketing

NEW! Creating Marketing Materials for Your Business

Begin learning the fundamental principles of designing your business marketing materials using Microsoft Word and Google Docs in this hands-on certificate program. Learn the basics of design and how to implement these tools.  Students will receive a certificate upon completion (18 Hours) $239

10/16 - 11/20                       6:00pm - 9:00pm                  W               B                  NOËL
TEC 774 30                                     17601                           HH 211

Designing 101
You will learn the four basic principles of design marketing, contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. Looking at these basic principles, you will begin to discuss how this can be implemented into a business plan. (3 Hours)

Designing 101 cont
A continuation of Designing 101 with more in-depth discussion on design your portfolio (3 Hours)

Branding Your Business
Think you need a large budget and marketing firm to brand your business? Think again! This class will break down the branding process into easy-to-execute steps to create a winning and successful business brand and mission statement. (3 Hours)

Stationery Designing
Learn how to create letters, business cards, PowerPoint presentations, etc. that will be effective and polished. (3 Hours)

Advertising and Designing for Media
Learn to create fliers, advertisements, posters, etc. that incorporate your business brand and the basic design concepts that represent your business. (3 Hours)

Design Portfolio
Building upon the previous 5 modules, create a design portfolio for your business marketing needs and get feedback from your instructor. Students should come prepared with their business marketing design portfolio. (3 Hours)


Digital Media Marketing Certificate
In today’s internet driven world, understanding your businesses digital media marketing plan is essential.  In this program, you will learn about the different digital media outlets and how those can be applied to your digital marketing plan. The listing below represents the order the classes occur in throughout the semester. Students will receive a certificate upon completion.  (15 hours) $219

10/21 - 12/09                       6:00pm - 8:30pm                  M                  B                  NOËL
TEC 661 30                                  17158                           NA 102
No Class November 11 & November 25

Fundamentals & Trends in Digital Media Marketing
Learn the basics of digital media marketing, what platforms are included in digital media marketing, and how this is important in today’s market. (2.5 hours)

Optimizing Marketing Emails
Get email marketing tips to turn your generic e-blasts into optimized, personalized emails that your customers will actually read!  Hear best practices on email lists and what you can and cannot say in a marketing email.  Learn how to increase your open and click-through rates and more! (2.5 hours)

Search Engine/Website Optimization
Learn the process of improving the volume and quality of consumer traffic to your website.  Get tips and strategies that will make your website search-engine friendly. (2.5 hours)

Tracking Your Digital Media Marketing
Now you know how to get customers to your website, but how do you track that data. Learn the best ways to track this important data and what you can learn from the results.(2.5 hours)

Mobile & Online Advertising
Learn about the different online advertising channels and how to select those that will be consistent with their mobile marketing campaigns.  Gain knowledge on trends and guidelines around online and mobile advertising. (2.5 hours)

Creating Your Digital Marketing Campaign
Bring all the knowledge you have gained through the program together to create your business digital marketing campaign.  Students should come to class with a digital marketing plan prepared and ready for instructor feedback.  (2.5 hours) 


NEW! Strategic Branding: Telling Your Story through Branding

The biggest mistake small businesses make is marketing without a brand. When you know what you stand for you’ll have a business that you love and attract clients you want to work with. This workshop will help you define your brand so you can clearly communicate who you are, what you do, why you do it, and know what sets you apart. Your brand will serve as the building block for your website, social media, and marketing materials. We’ll take a look at finding, defining, and perfecting your brand and translating that to your website, social media, marketing materials, and all that you do, leading to more sales, recognition, and clarity in your business. We will go over these practices, as well as dig into participant’s websites and social media in a non-technical way, focusing on ideas and suggestions for improving them. (12 Hours) $210

09/10 - 10/15                  6:00pm - 8:00pm                 T                B                  SANDLER-RATHE
TEC 770 30                             17568                            HH 113


NEW! Entrepreneurship: Practical Steps for Starting a Small Business

This course will look at the ins and outs of starting a business from scratch. Each week’s class will focus on a practical step in the process: licensing, permits & filings; scouting locations and conducting market research; choosing a platform for sales and processing; and developing a business plan. This course is intended either for those who are ready to set up a business or who have begun to do so. We will produce work, such as a business plan, that can actually be used for your business. (15 Hours) $219

10/17 - 11/21                         6:00pm - 8:30pm                      R                 B                     SANDLER-RATHE
CAR 909 30                                  17990                                  NA 117

UPDATED! Creating Your Business Website

Trying to create your business website can be a daunting task, especially for those with little to know experience. Even with the free options out there, knowing how best to create your website is important to your business success. Learn how to create a blog or website using a popular blogging platform or content management system. Students will become proficient in online account management, dashboard usage, content creation, media library maintenance, and video embedding. At the end of the course, keep your site online and have all the tools necessary to be your own webmaster! No prior knowledge of HTML is required. (16 Hours) $289

09/30 - 12/09                        6:00pm - 8:00pm                     M                B                  FISHBONE
TEC 775 30                                    17602                               AR 101
No Class October 14, November 11, November 25



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