Management and Soft Skills Training

Effective January 2022:  All students (including non-credit students enrolled in any on-campus courses or off-site clinical) will be required to provide Middlesex Community College proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to coming on-campus.  More info will follow on the documentation process for non-credit students.  

Better Workplace Communication
Good communication is the key to any relationship. Explore these skills: Listening, processing, thinking, questioning, body language, verbal cues, and organizational skills and fine-tune how they affect your communication! (8 hours) $169

9/20/22 - 9/29/22   6:00pm-8:00pm    Tuesday/Thursday
Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number  CAR 970 75   CRN  18362
Professor: Kangas

Effective Project Management
This exciting, fast-paced project management course will provide an overview of project management principles, concepts, tools, and techniques using lecture, interactive discussion, and case studies. You will have the opportunity to apply course learning to a stimulated class project from project conception, design, and implementation to completion and project close, emulating the project management life cycle. (9 hours) $225

10/20/22- 11/3/22      6:00pm-9:00pm      Thursday
Online with Class Meeting Times
Course Number CAR 973 75     CRN 18348
Professor: UMAR

Diversity Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace
This course introduces the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion and how it relates so significantly to business success. In a supportive and positive environment participants will have an opportunity to engage in interactive exercises that will raise awareness and the level of understanding regarding DEI definitions,  the  impact  of  unconscious  bias, micro aggressions, and  intent  versus  impact  in  cross  differences  conversations and  how  to  recover from missteps. (24 hours) $469

10/4/22 - 11/22/22    5:30pm-8:30pm    Tuesday
Online with Class Meeting Times

Course Number  CAR 963 75    CRN  18363
Professor:  Kangas

Introduction to Coaching
The coaching industry is growing rapidly. While we may be familiar with athletic coaches, what does it mean to be a professional coach and how can you leverage your unique experience in this industry? What happens in a typical coaching session?  Join us for an overview of what coaching is (and isn't), how to find a training program right for you, options for certification, professional competencies, and ethics. (2 hours) $79

9/27/22       6:00pm- 8:00pm       Tuesday
Bedford Campus, Henderson Hall, room 116
Course  CAR 967 30  CRN 18324
Professor: BURNS

Dressing for Success Online
We have all had to make changes to adjust to a more frequent, or permanent, online work environment.  You might be finding it difficult to adjust to different work scenarios and how to still appear professional and appropriate while at home. This course will offer tips to help you maintain your professional appearance in different online settings, discuss how to convey a positive online presence, and what skills are important to use virtually. We will also cover how to build your confidence and how to appear comfortable online.  (4 hours) $69

9/13/22 - 10/4/22      4:00pm-5:00pm       Tuesday
Online with Class Meeting Times
Course  CAR 958 75    CRN  18206
Professor:  HAHN

Soft Skills That Strengthen You!

This  past  year  has  prompted  us  to  make  different adjustments  and changes. Now is the time to rely on and build upon your strengths in order to focus on the future. This course will cover the importance of remaining professional, flexible, positive, and a reliable part of a team even in a challenging environment. We will concentrate on how you can bring valuable skills, innovation and your unique creativity to any setting and ensure success in your future. (4 hours) $69

9/15/22 - 10/6/22     4:00pm-5:00pm     Thursday
Online with Class Meeting Times
Course  CAR 959 75     CRN 18241
Professor:  HAHN

Improve Your Life with Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is about knowing yourself and using empathy to understand others. 90% of top performers have high Emotional Intelligence and it is one of the key skills for both your professional and personal life. EQ can be learned and improved and this course will give you useful tools, including mindfulness, to increase your EQ. This course is to improve their relationships and lead a happier, more successful and productive life. (6 hours) $89

09/12-09/26           7:00pm - 9:00pm              Monday
BedfordCampus    Building: Henderson Hall, room 116
CourseNumber:  PER909 30          CRN: 18325                  Professor: ZONGHETTI

11/07 - 11/21            7:00pm - 8:30pm          Monday
Online with Class Meeting Times
CourseNumber:  PER909 75          CRN: 18326                  Professor: ZONGHETTI

Professional Recovery Coach
Addiction is a pervasive problem in society and there are many approaches that have been developed to achieve sobriety and long-term recovery. One of the more successful approaches is the use of Professional Recovery Coaches. In this online course you will learn the effects of addiction on the brain and discover the foundational role that joy plays in recovery as you see how lasting, joyful connections are vital to the recovery process. This course will show you the tools to use to elicit client motivation and help clients to correct discrepancies in their thinking and beliefs. Review special issues in working with families as well as ethical issues that are commonly addressed in Professional Recovery Coaching. This is a knowledge based course. This course is offered through the IAPRC (International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches) and provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the NET Training Institute. CEUs are recognized by NAADAC (The Association for Addiction Professionals) and the IC&RC (International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium). These courses may be applied toward Professional Certification through the IAPRC. Not eligible for waivers. Enrollment and payment is through Cengage Learning by calling 951-387- 4243. 60 hours. $2,395
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