Management and Soft Skills Training

Effective January 2022:  All students (including non-credit students enrolled in any on-campus courses or off-site clinical) will be required to provide Middlesex Community College proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to coming on-campus.  More info will follow on the documentation process for non-credit students.  

Concept to Creation

How do you develop, refine and produce a concept?  This course will walk you through the creative process from concept to creation.  Upon completion you have developed a completed vison board, a series of case studies and a creation that you can now share with anyone!  This class will be taught in three phases: Explore the conceptual process, researching and dissecting case studies and experimentation.  Please note:  This class is taught by Founder and Creative Director, Matthew Wolterding, of CNCPT6, located at 103 Market Street, Lowell, MA 01852.  This class takes place off campus onsite at CNCPT6.  (15 hours) $349

3/01 - 4/05         5:00pm - 7:30pm             Wednesday       
Course Number: CAR 979 80                      CRN: 20248         Professor WOLTERDING              

Soft Skills Presentation & Etiquette

This course will cover the importance of remaining professional, flexible, positive, and a reliable part of a team no matter where you are working from. We will discuss how to build your confidence and appear confident online and in person. We will explore how you can bring valuable skills and your unique creativity to any workplace setting to ensure personal success. (8 hours) $99

3/07 - 3/28         4:00pm - 6:00pm             Tuesday              Online with Class Meeting Times
Course Number: CAR 998 75                      CRN: 20237         Instructor: HAHN              

Better Workplace Communication

Good communication is the key to any relationship. Explore these skills: Listening, processing, thinking, questioning, body language, verbal cues, organizational skills and fine tune how they affect your communication! (4 hours) $119

 4/4-4/6               6:00pm - 8:00pm        Tuesday/Thursday         
Online With Class Meeting Times
Course Number: CAR 970 75            CRN: 20139                        Instructor: KANGAS

Intro to Diversity Equity & Inclusion

This course introduces the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion and how it relates so significantly to business success. In a supportive and positive environment participants will have an opportunity to engage in interactive exercises that will raise awareness and the level of understanding regarding DEI definitions,  the  impact  of  unconscious  bias, micro aggressions, and  intent  versus  impact  in  cross  differences  conversations and  how  to  recover from missteps. (8 hours) $349

2/6-2/27             5:30pm - 8:30pm             Monday              Online With Class Meeting Times
Course Number: CAR 963 75                      CRN: 20142         Instructor:  KANGAS         

Effective Project Management

This exciting, fast-paced project management course will provide an overview of project management principles, concepts, tools, and techniques using lecture, interactive discussion, and case studies. You will have the opportunity to apply course learning to a stimulated class project from project conception, design, and implementation to completion and project close, emulating the project management life cycle. (9 hours) $199

02/21 - 03/07    6:00pm - 9:00pm             Tuesday
Online with Class Meeting Times            
Course Number: CAR 973 75       CRN: 20249   
Instructor:  UMAR

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