Management Training


Management and Leadership Series
This program will give you the skills needed to shift from an individual contributor to a well-respected manager and achieve team success. With role play and case studies, you will discover how to adjust and use your unique skills and management style for this new challenge.  Participants may enroll in any or all modules offered but must complete all classes to receive a certificate of completion.  All classes are Remote with an instructor via Zoom. 
Enrollment begins July 1.  


Demonstrating a High Performance Work-Style
In this interactive session, you will learn how to develop core competencies of the high-performance work style using the RESPECT model:  Recognition, Empowerment, Supportive Feedback, Partnering, Expectations, Consideration and Trust.  This webinar is beneficial for those who are new managers, individual contributors, and/or teams who are getting used to the new norms of working in a virtual environment. $51
09/15 and  09/17              6:15pm - 7:45pm              Tuesday and Thursday   WEB/Online      
Course Number: CAR 820 75        CRN: 14832          Instructor  ZAHAREE


The Leader as a Team Builder
Join this dynamic webinar to develop an understanding of the type of leader you are and establish (or re-establish!) conditions that promote team effectiveness.  You will learn about how teams function as a whole, the importance of self-reflection, and gain an awareness of situational leadership styles. This session is beneficial for those who are new managers, individual contributors, and/or teams who are getting used to the new norms of working in a virtual environment. $51
09/22 and  09/24              6:15pm - 7:45pm              Tuesday and Thursday   WEB/Online      
Course Number:  CAR 822 75       CRN: 14834                          Instructor ZAHAREE


Group Ideation/Innovation
A sustainable process to harness innovative business  ideas: Many organizations don’t understand the art and science of applying innovation as a practical and systematic business strategy.  In this webinar you will discover how to increase your level of innovation, enhance your brainstorming skills, formulate group ideas, and select promising ideas to take to senior management. This webinar is beneficial for individual contributors and/or teams who are looking to advance their group ideation skills. $51
09/29 and 10/01               6:15pm - 7:45pm              Tuesday and Thursday   WEB/Online 
Course Number: CAR 849 75        CRN: 16677          Instructor ZAHAREE


Effective Performance Management Done Remotely
In our Pre-COVID-19 word of work, a common description of performance management read: “A process for establishing & maintaining a shared agreement between employees and managers/supervisors about their partnership at work.”   Most workplaces are organized around a clear hierarchy, where all manager/supervisor-employee partnerships are essential.  They collectively contribute to the overall success or failure of the organization over time.   Unlike our Pre-COVID-19 Work World, however, many managers and supervisors now oversee employees and operations off-site.  This dynamic, of performance managing remotely, is new to many.  In this workshop, we will answer:  How do we effectively facilitate the specifics of our partnership agreement with our direct reports?  How do we make sure that our plan includes the opportunity to regularly discuss and make progress in six key performance areas? This online course is online, live, and interactive using the latest research and useful tools.  Learn to create and implement a new remote work partnership with direct reports.  $51
10/06 and 10/08               6:15pm - 7:45pm              Tuesday and Thursday   WEB/ONLINE
CAR 935 75          18130                                    Instructor DAVIS


Critical Thinking & Effective  Decision Making
Current research tells us that better decision-making is characterized by four components:  serves both short and long term objectives; solicits broader input; is fluid and flexible; is efficient. This live remote session will discuss and provide strategies for you and your employees to assess critical thinking.  Topics include:  How to introduce new decision-making principles to gain buy-in; create a new decision-making process tailored to your work culture; Key steps to introduce and facilitate the new/upgraded process for improved measurable results. $51
10/13 and 10/15               6:15pm - 7:45pm              Tuesday and Thursday   WEB/ONLINE    
Course Number:  CAR 936 75       CRN: 18131          Instructor  DAVIS


Leading Effectively During Turbulent Times
Many of us are still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The enormity of change that people have been faced with is, for most, unprecedented.   While you may have integrated planned change into work lives successfully, this change is different.  It was largely unexpected, and, therefore, unplanned.  Its true enormity and scope was unknown from the outset. It has been said the first priority of a leader is to ‘define reality.’  In this live, remote session, you will learn to lead others to adjust effectively during times of chaos; how to build resiliency; and how to engage others with creating the future by building an adaptable work culture.  $51
10/20 - 10/22     6:15pm - 7:45pm              Tuesday and Thursday   WEB/ONLINE
Course Number: CAR 934 75        CRN:  18132        instructor: DAVIS




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