Management Training

Management and Leadership Certificate for New Managers
Are you new to the role of manager?  This program will give new managers the skills needed to shift from an individual contributor to a well-respected manager and achieve team success. With role play and case studies, you will discover how to adjust use your unique skills and management style for this new challenge.  Note:  Participants may enroll in any or all modules listed below. Participants must complete all 6 classes for a certificate of completion.  
Instructor Bio: Dr. Marcie Zaharee brings 20 years of experience in academia, department of defense, and industry to Middlesex Community College. Marcie joined MITRE in 2005 as an Associate Department Head for Information Management and Practice where she worked to advance knowledge management in MITRE, championing efforts to support staff collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strengthening MITRE's knowledge base.   She is now the Ideation and Innovation Manager within the Office of Corporate Technology responsible for the process and infrastructure of MITRE's innovation program.   Marcie holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Business Management and Education.

High Performance Work-Style
Learn how to develop core competencies of the high performance work style using the RESEPCT model –Recognition, Empowerment, Supportive Feedback, Partnering, Expectations, Consideration, and Trust. These competencies are taught in a dynamic and interaction classroom setting that features self-assessments and case scenarios. (2.5 hours) $49
March 29              6pm-8:30pm  Bedford    HH 111
CAR 820 30

The Leader as a Team Builder
Learn pragmatic skills to strengthen team performance through the identification of elements of effective and ineffective teams; developing team goals; encouraging member participation, increasing motivation; decision-making and risk-taking; managing conflict on the team; effective communication. (2.5 hours) $49
April 5         6pm-8:30pm  Bedford     HH 111
CAR 822 30

Performance Management
Performance management is a process for establishing a shared understanding between employees and managers. Learn how a six-step model can be used to create a performance and development partnership, and how to conduct timely performance discussions that result in mutual understanding and agreement of key accomplishments and areas for continued improvement. (2.5 hours) $49
April 12      6pm-8:30pm  Bedford    HH  111
CAR 823 30

Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
This module combines two types of thinking – critical thinking and creative thinking. Though the two are not interchangeable, they are strongly linked, bringing complementary dimensions to thinking and learning. Learn how to develop stronger critical and creative thinking skills to generate and evaluate knowledge, clarify concepts and ideas, seek possibilities, consider alternatives and solve problems (2.5 hours) $49
April 19     6pm-8:30pm  Bedford    HH 111
CAR 824 30

Group Ideation/Innovation
This workshop demonstrates the IDEO process and uses a series of interactive exercises to help individuals advance their brainstorming skills, formulate group ideas, and select promising ideas to take to senior management. The intended target audience include both individuals and teams who are looking for an organized approach to generate ideas for new product development or process improvements.(2.5 hours)  $49

  • Apply proven methods for generating, assessing and selecting ideas
  • Understand the value of collaboration to capture the wisdom of your colleagues
  • Recognize and overcome constraints to innovation

April 26     6pm-8:30pm Bedford   HH 111
CAR 849-30

Leading in Times of Change 
Understand the dynamics of change and its effect on productivity as well as the basic skills needed to manage change productively. Topics in include the various types of change organizations go through, natural reactions to change, strategies for leading through times of change, and understanding your temperament type in dealing with conflict. (2.5 hours) $49
May 3      6pm-8:30pm  Bedford     HH 111
CAR 825 30


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