Other Personal Enrichment

Improve your English Pronunciation and Conversation Skills
This class focuses on developing precise pronunciation in English. There are targeted practice areas for phonemes, word stress, grammatical endings, sentence stress, and intonation.  During the practice areas, there are opportunities to perform dialogues for analysis, and free speaking.During free speaking, students will focus on developing academic discussion habits.
09/27 - 11/08        9:00am - 11:00am          Friday
Bedford Campus  Building: Enrollment Center,  room 210   
No class: 10/18 and 10/25       
Course Number CAR 510-30   CRN 18486                    
Professor: Drislane   

A Homeowner's Guide to Selecting Interior Paint Colors 
This fun and interactive class provides an introduction to selecting interior paint colors for your home. You’ll learn how to read the undertones of paint colors, address challenges in selecting the right shades and get ideas for incorporating color to enhance the overall design, look and feel of your home. Bring your questions, as well as photos of your interior designs, and you’ll leave with confidence in how to approach the selection of paint colors for your next project. Instructor Sue O’Connell, a Boston-based Architectural Color Consultant, has worked on numerous residential projects, selecting color schemes for a variety of architecture. (1.5 Hours)  $50
10/23              Wednesday         7:00p - 8:30p
Bedford Campus   Building: North Academic, Room G-11
Course Number: PER 583 30        CRN: 18410        
Professor: O'CONNELL

Interior Design 101
Learn how to design like a pro.  This course will teach you how to choose paint color for the home.  Redesign a space with existing furniture and using pieces you already own.  How to incorporate charming and heirloom items into a new room design without the space looking dated.  Repurposing furniture and learning how to measure a room for proper furniture size including the topic of proper size area rugs to use in a space.  Lighting is another design element that will be addressed, size, placement. 
How to measure for window treatments, fabrics, scale and custom vs. ready- made.  Design theory, furniture placement and how to design a room from scratch.  $379.
Taught by Debbe Daley of Daley Designs.
No class October 28
Monday, October 7 - November 18 from 6p - 7p
Online via Zoom
Course Number PER 999-75

Your Life Story Through Guided Autobiography:  A Gift to Future Generations, A Gift For You
Everybody has a story to tell. Writing and preserving your life story is a rewarding experience that will leave your mark. It is your legacy.  This six-week class offers individuals an opportunity to deeply reflect on and chronicle significant life experiences, enabling them to gain valuable insight, perspective, and a richer understanding of their personal journey. If you’ve wanted to record your history, impart values to the next generation, or simply explore your past, our 2.5-hour sessions each week will walk you through Guided Autobiography (GAB) and get you started.  (GAB is a structured approach that involves delving into one's personal life story with the guidance of a trained facilitator. GAB goes beyond mere documentation of personal histories. It seeks to stimulate self-discovery, fortify resilience, and cultivate personal growth by delving into and comprehending one's life narrative in a deeper and more meaningful way.) Each session revolves around a specific life theme, where participants engage with thought-provoking questions tailored to elicit memories and encourage the writing of your life story. You will be sent home each week with your theme, write approximately two pages of your life story on that theme at home, and then share it the following week. Notebooks, handouts, and pens are provided - but if you prefer to type, bring a laptop or iPad.  Instructor Liana Henry is a Certified GAB Instructor and Principal, Black Dog Marcom (15 Hours)  $489
9/05 - 10/10               6:30pm - 9:00pm    Thursday
Bedford Campus    Building and Room TBA
Course Number: PER 509 30      CRN: 18482        
Professor: Henry

How Much Does College Really Cost     
This class will cover the direct and indirect college expenses, how to understand the student bill, tuition and fees and what expenses can be waived and what courses/majors can accrue additional charges.  $39
10/07     Monday  6:00pm - 7:00pm             
Online with class meeting time time           
Course Number: PER 585 80        CRN: 18398        
Professor: PARRISH

What is FAFSA and Why it is Important     
This class will explain what is FAFSA, application deadlines, how to obtain an FSA ID and what documents parents will need to assist their child in completing the Financial Aid application. $39 
10/14   Monday   6:00pm - 7:00pm           
Online with class meeting time         
Course Number: PER 587 80        CRN: 18396        
Professor: PARRISH                                                                                 

Create Your Vision Board and Make Your Goals a Reality       
Have you ever felt frustrated when you set a goal and were not able to complete it? Traditional goal setting can be limiting and you may not end up where you would like. We will help you visualize your goals and bring them to life by creating your own unique vision board. Step by step, you will learn how to make your goals a reality!  (4.5 Hours) $69
12/04 - 12/18    5:00pm - 6:30pm             Wednesday                Online with class meeting times         
Course Number: PER 505 75       CRN: 18473   
Professor: HAHN  


Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping
This introductory course will give an overview and will prepare you for the excitement and challenges of backyard beekeeping in New England. We will cover bee culture and society, tools and equipment, establishing your first hives, hive maanagement, the harvesting process and potential cash flow streams from bees. (10 hours) $109
Tuesday October 22 - November 26 from 6p - 8p
Bedford, MA campus. Room TBA
Professor: WEISMAN                      
Course Number:  PER 946 30           

Intro to Expressive Watercolor
Embark on a creative journey with Bethany Peck's beginner watercolor class, the perfect opportunity to dive into the whimsical world of watercolor painting. Class is designed to help students grasp the basics of watercolor and build a strong foundation for their artistic pursuits. You will learn essential skills such as understanding values and color mixing, enabling you to create striking and harmonious compositions. Bethany will guide you through the ins and outs of watercolor painting equipment, ensuring you have a solid understanding of the tools necessary to bring your artistic visions to life. Discover the captivating world of watercolor pigments as you explore various colors and learn how to mix them effectively, allowing you to create stunning, vibrant hues that truly stand out on the paper. As you delve into the art of watercolor washes, you will unlock the secrets of achieving beautiful, flowing transitions and captivating textures in your paintings. In addition, this class will take you on a journey to paint enchanting watercolor landscapes and still life, capturing the beauty of nature and everyday objects through your own unique perspective. By the end of the course, you will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to create breathtaking finished watercolor paintings that evoke emotion and inspire. Immerse yourself in this wonderful artistic adventure and enroll today in Bethany Peck's beginner watercolor class.  This class is suitable for High School students to Adult. Bring the following Materials to class: Basic watercolor set, watercolor brushes in an assortment of widths, pad of watercolor paper, paper towels, masking tape, pencil, cup for water. Instructor will have some materials students may borrow or purchase if needed.   $155
Wednesday, October 16 - November 13 from 6p - 8p 
Bedford, MA campus. Room TBA
Course Number PER 581-30


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