Other Personal Enrichment

Effective January 2022:  All students (including non-credit students enrolled in any on-campus courses or off-site clinical) will be required to provide Middlesex Community College proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to coming on-campus.  More info will follow on the documentation process for non-credit students.  

So you want to be a Lawyer
“So you want to be a lawyer” is a six-week course being offered by Attorney David Clermont. Everyone knows a lawyer, some even know what lawyers do… kind of. You may even think you would like to become a lawyer. But what if, before investing multiple years and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a lawyer, someone could tell you what it was like to actually BE a lawyer. This course, through a series of lectures detailing the areas of real estate, trusts, estates, personal injury, criminal, contracts and domestic law, will seek to distinguish between what you see on TV versus the actual practice of law and is ideal for anyone currently in or currently considering a career in the legal industry. (6 hours) $150
10/05/22  11/09/22      5:30pm - 6:30pm              Wednesday
Lowell Campus, Cowan Center room 113
CourseNumber:  PER594 80          CRN: 18360
Professor: CLERMONT

Image & Forum Theater
Consists of creating short scenes, no longer than a minute or two, with a strong image that the entire audience can easily understand, identify, and apply to their own lives. Images can be realistic, allegorical, surrealistic, symbolic or metaphorical. The only thing that matters is that it is true; that it is felt as true by the protagonist. Images tell the story in a condensed, outline form using pictures with very little or no talking. The audience is pulled in immediately because they know exactly what is being said. Movement, music, and ensemble are used to heighten the impact. Forum Theater is a type of theatrical game where a problem is shown in an unresolved form. The audience is invited to suggest and enact solutions. The scenario is then repeated, allowing the audience to offer alternative solutions. The game is a contest between the audience and actors trying to bring the play (or oppression) to a different end. The result is a pooling of knowledge, tactics and experiences. As the audience participates in enacting solutions to break the cycle of oppression they are also “rehearsing for life.” $250
10/01/22  11/05/22      10:00am - 1:00pm            Saturday
Lowell Campus, Cowan Center, room 113
CourseNumber:  PER595 75          CRN: 18358 
Professor: FISHER

Intro to Backyard Beekeeping
This introductory course will give an overview and will prepare you for the excitement and challenges of backyard beekeeping in New England. We will cover bee culture and society, tools and equipment, establishing your first hives, hive management, the harvesting process and potential cash flow streams from bees. (10 hours) $99
10/27/22 -  12/01/22         6:00pm - 8:00pm              Thursday
Bedford  Campus, Henderson Hall, room 116
Course  Number:  PER946 30          CRN: 18323 
Professor: WEISMAN


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