Art Exploration

ONLINE Intro to Drawing for Adults
Are you interested in learning how to draw but not sure the first steps? Join Artist, Bethany Peck of Studio 214 in Lowell, to learn all the basics of drawing. You will learn different concepts and visual perceptions of the basic foundations of drawing in a relaxed environment. You will be introduced to the following topics: edges, light and shadow, negative and positive space. In addition, you will learn a variety of mediums that can be used such a charcoal, graphite, market, or colored pencil. No experience is necessary to take this class only a sketch pad that you will need to bring with you. (6 hours) $75

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ONLINE Intermediate Drawing for Adults
This workshop is geared for those who have some previous drawing experience and a basic understanding of drawing materials.  In this objective class, concept areas such as composition, perspective, proportions, tone, and line will be developed.  The objective will be to build on developing skills and embrace a personal approach to drawing that can be used in broader applications.  Please bring a sketch pad and favorite drawing material to use in class.  (6 hours) $75

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NEW ONLINE Gouache Painting
You will learn the fundamentals of painting in gouache discovering essential techniques and practice painting in a variety of environments. You will learn about different surfaces such as mylar, toned papers, brushes, brands of gouache, and painters that use gouache and how to apply gouache at its right consistency. (10 hours) $125

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NEW ONLINE Dry Brush Watercolor Painting

Learn the approach of dry brush watercolor painting. Drawing, brush calligraphy, and light will be emphasized in this class. Working from master copies from master watercolorist Andrew Wyeth. Working from life, reference photography, and studies will be included in the course’s curriculum. Please purchase supplies: Windsor and Cotman watercolor brushes a variety of rounds and flats, Paper towel or cloth, Watercolor palette, Arches cold pressed watercolor block 9”x12”, A butter knife, An hard eraser, Graphite(pencil), Two cup for water, Windsor and Newton watercolor tubes or Holbein Watercolor, Razor blades (10 hours) $125.00

Dates TBD

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