Student Services

Student life at Middlesex reflects the diversity of those who attend the college. Our student body is a lively mix of recent high school graduates, returning adults, parents, full-time employees and veterans. To meet their needs, we offer a variety of student services - programs, activities, and special support services - to assist students in their academic studies and to provide opportunities for personal and social growth.

Services include...

Academic, Career and Transfer Center

  • Academic Advising
  • Career and Transfer Counseling
  • Course Registration
  • Transcript Processing

Academic Support and Tutoring Services

  • Tutoring is available in math, statistics, science, physics, accounting, economics, English Language Learner courses and other subject areas taught at the college
  • Writing Center
  • Reading/Study Skills Lab
  • 24/7 online e-Tutoring

Adult Learning Center

The Adult Learning Center offers a FREE program for adult learners interested in improving their basic academic skills (including English) and/or preparing for the HiSET, GED, further education, job training or better employment.

  • Adult Learning Center students who are interested in enrolling in college are often eligible for Links. This is also a FREE program and provides a unique opportunity for individuals who want to start college with the skills and support that will lead to success.

Community Engagement

  • Service Learning
  • Community Service
  • Alternative Spring Break
  • Civic Initiatives

Counseling: Personal and Consultation Services

  • Confidential, short-term counseling related to stress, anxiety, family or relationship problems, depression, grief or loss, academic concerns, motivation issues, patterns of academic failure, time management
  • Referrals to outside resources provided

Disability Services

  • Disability accommodation needs assessment
  • Develop appropriate accommodation plan (e.g. note taking, interpreters, readers, books in alternative form, tape-recording lectures)
  • Coordinate physical accommodations as needed (e.g. ramps, magnification devices, room
  • Assistive technology for students with physical or learning disabilities
  • Advising and registration assistance
  • Monitoring of alternate forms of testing
  • Faculty consultation
  • Facilitation of referrals for support services on and off campus
  • Transition Program

Financial Aid

  • Financial aid counseling
  • FAFSA Workshops
  • Computer availability for online processing

Fitness and Athletics

  • Recreational and team sports offerings
  • Discounted memberships to fitness facilities at UMass Lowell
  • Fitness Center and Fitness Studio in Bedford

Food Pantry

International and Multicultural Office

  • Multicultural Center
  • International Office
  • Multicultural Achievement Peer Program
  • Multicultural Student Support Services
  • Orientation programs for specialized populations
  • English Learner Institute
  • Multicultural Programs
  • Diversity and Skill Development Workshops

Pathways Center

  • The Pathways Center is committed to college and career initiatives that are aimed at Health & STEM student’s achievement and success

Service Desk

  • The Technology Center provides technical services and assistance to all MCC staff, faculty, and students.
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Main Phone: (978) 656-3301
  • E-mail:

Student Accounts

  • Processing of student payment plans
  • Manage third party billing and outside scholarships
  • Appeals related to billing

Student Engagement

  • Leadership development
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Events and trips through MAC
  • Faculty partnerships for co-curricular education
  • Student Government

TRIO-Student Success Program
Eligibility: First-generation status

  • Study and self-improvement workshops
  • Financial aid assistance and advising
  • Transfer assistance and college information
  • Academic and career planning and assessment
  • Tutoring

TRIO-Program for Student Achievement
Eligibility: Registration with Disability Support Services

  • Disability support services and assistive technology
  • Financial aid advising
  • Career and transfer counseling
  • Tutoring

Veterans Resource Center

  • Information and assistance with educational benefits to pay for college coursework
  • Academic, career and transfer planning
  • Information and assistance to students making the transition from the military to college
  • Off-campus resources available to assist with acclimation to college
  • More information for veterans
Last Modified: 1/20/21