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Welcome to Disability Support Services

The collegiate experience at Middlesex, on the campus and in the classroom, is open to students of varying abilities and levels of adaptive skills. Supportive faculty and staff as well as fellow students encourage all students to participate in extracurricular and class activities. The DSS office provides services and resources to empower each student to attain his/her highest level of academic success and learning independence.

Find out what some current and former students registered with Disability Support Services have to say in these student testimonials.

Preparing to Request Services

For information on what to expect when you request accommodations and support in college, watch the video from North Carolina State University - Transitioning to College with a Disability.

Next steps? Review our Student Information and Apply to DSS.

Email and Office Locations

Email us at disabilityservices@middlesex.mass.edu.

On our Bedford campus:

  • Visit us in the Enrollment Center Building, 2nd Floor.
  • Call us at 781-280-3630

On our Lowell campus:

  • Visit us in the Cowan Center Building, 3rd Floor, Room 314.
  • Call us at 978-656-3258
Last Modified: 7/27/18