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We encourage all faculty to embed co-curricular engagement activities in their courses. Engagement promotes a sense of community, experiential learning, and meaningful conversations that shape the whole college student. Research shows that "students who are actively involved in activities outside the classroom tend to do better academically then their uninvolved peers." (Kuh, 2001)

Staff and resources are available to assist faculty in brainstorming ideas or implementing an activity in a course. For best results, we suggest planning ahead and including the activity as part of the course syllabus. Activities that are done early in the semester are more successful in retaining students as they support relationship building between students and faculty from the start. 

Apply for  2016-2017 Engagement Application by log onto the COMPASS to fill it out electronically.  Request funding and/or assistance to embed a co-curricular engagement activity in your course.  Deadline to apply for Fall 2016 funds is December 2, 2016.
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Engagement Monthly
Electronic newsletter for faculty featuring photos from recent events, upcoming programs, and quotes from MCC faculty and national researchers. You can explore past newsletters by clicking on the following months:

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Sample Fliers

"Women pursuing careers in the STEM field"

The Iranian Hostage Crisis & the Canadian Crisis

Integrating Curricular and Co-Curricular Learning Experiences (PowerPoint)

ISIS and Middle East Crises 

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