Faculty Resources and Partnerships

Welcome to the engagement activities resource webpage for faculty!

We encourage all faculty to embed co-curricular engagement activities in their courses. Engagement promotes a sense of community, experiential learning, and meaningful conversations that shape the whole college student. Research shows that "students who are actively involved in activities outside the classroom tend to do better academically then their uninvolved peers." (Kuh, 2001)

Staff are available to assist faculty in brainstorming ideas or implementing an activity in a course. For best results, we suggest planning ahead and including the activity as part of the course syllabus. Activities that are done early in the semester are more successful in retaining students as they support relationship building between students and faculty from the start.

To coordinate a partnership opportunity, please fill out the Partnership form on Engage.

Free Virtual Activities
The Office of Student Engagement has compiled some free virtual activities for you to use with your class that can be found at this link.

Engagement Monthly

Each month we send an electronic newsletter for faculty featuring photos from recent events, upcoming programs, and quotes from MCC faculty and national researchers.

To sign up to receive the Engagement Monthly Newsletter, please email studentengagement@middlesex.mass.edu.

Pozen Community College Access Program
We are also excited to be part of the Pozen Community College Access Program. Faculty and Staff can arrange to bring classes or clubs to the MFA for free. The trip must be organized in advance through the Office of Student Engagement. Please email studentengagement@middlesex.mass.edu to arrange a trip for your class.

Last Modified: 10/30/20