Student Conduct & Safety

At Middlesex, we work hard to foster a climate of civility and respect that supports learning, the pursuit of truth, student development and the general well being of society. We expect all people to be treated with dignity, both in and out of the classroom, and that our standards will be reflected in the daily interactions of all members of the Middlesex community.

We protect the rights of all members of the college community through the promotion of expectations and standards. We expect students to abide by college policies, procedures and our core commitments regarding personal and social responsibility.

Our Honor Code sets forth our expectations – both rights and responsibilities – to foster a climate for academic achievement, personal growth and community engagement based on a strong sense of mutual respect, integrity and social responsibility.

The Code of Conduct is intended to protect and ensure the safety of all who visit, study or work at Middlesex. This also covers such topics as crime awareness and campus security, persons with disabilities, pluralism, Affirmative Action, sexual harassment and smoke-free environment.

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Last Modified: 5/17/24