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Program for Asian American Student Advancement

Icon depicting a virtual person on a laptop with chat bubbleIn an effort to continue supporting our students, the Asian American Connections Center and Program for Asian American Student Advancement will be available for remote services and support. Please continue to connect with your assigned advisors, Virak Uy and Linda Thiem or visit: https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/advising/default.aspx.

For all other inquiries: PAASA@middlesex.mass.edu


The Program for Asian American Student Advancement offers students with a holistic support system with dedicated staff that advises, mentors and provides leadership development opportunities for Asian American students.

Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in the Program for Asian American Student Advancement activities will be able to:

• Construct their cultural identity to build leadership capacity and develop self-advocacy.
• Recognize culturally responsive support systems to help students increase positive experiences in the college community.
• Manage their academic and career goals through connection of various college resources.
• Transfer skills learned from PAASA workshops into their classrooms and daily lives.



phoneCurrent students may leave a voicemail with our staff. Please leave your name, A# (if available), and a message. If you are a prospective student, please include an email that we may respond to: 978-656-3438


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Last Modified: 1/21/21