New Employee Checklist: Full-Time Faculty


Getting Started; Pre-arrival

  1. Receive offer letter
  2. Receive welcome packet, including necessary forms:
  3. Make appointment with HR (Lauren Hutchinson 781-280-3546 or to review and submit forms, including I9 and direct deposit
  4. HR contacts manager, department administrative assistant and IT, letting them know that employee is entered in the system; IT will set up email address, phone, Blackboard and MyMCC and let manager know when the employee is set up
  5. Manager will then contact new employee to give them their email address, phone number, MyMCC login information, office information, time sheet
  6. Manager will schedule meeting with new employee to educate about the position, give the employee his/her keys and tour the campus


For Manager: Socialization

  1. Email department/team/functional area of the new hire. Include start date, employee’s role, and bio. Copy the new employee, if appropriate.
  2. Set up meetings with critical people for the employee’s first few weeks.
  3. Recommended: Arrange for lunch with a mentor or buddy for the first day and during first week; the mentor/buddy can provide suggestions and tips and support the employee in his/her first weeks


For Manager: Work Environment

  1. Ensure that the new employee has access to the new employee website, which includes
  2. Clean the work area, and set up cube/office space with supplies.
  3. Order office or work area keys.
  4. Order business cards and name plate.
  5. Add employee to relevant email lists.


Manager: Technology Access and Related

  1. Order technology equipment (computer, printer, iPad) and software.
  2. Contact local IT to have the system set up in advance.
  3. Arrange for access to Middlenet, DegreeWorks, and Banner; send appropriate training information



  1. Employee will be enrolled in a semester long New Faculty Seminar; email the employee to ensure he/she knows when the seminar begins. Training will cover pedagogy and advising, but also the necessary forms and evaluation methods:
  2. Meet with an instructor in the same division; set up shadowing

Last Modified: 9/20/21