For any situation where there is a concern about student behavior, we recommend that faculty/staff start by consulting with one of the Personal Counselors. Personal counselors can provide information, training, and support regarding how best to manage students' emotional/behavioral issues that surface in the classroom, in offices, or in other areas around the college. Workshops are offered for faculty/staff periodically throughout the year and can be requested for a particular department or division.


Lynn Gregory
Personal Counselor
Enrollment Center, Second Floor
(781) 280-3635


Marilyn Yeo
Personal Counselor
City Campus, Third Floor
(978) 656-3257

  • Document any incident that is of concern to you and/or seems to be an ongoing issue.
  • Consider notifying your supervisor/Division Dean
  • Documentation should include the following information:
    • dates/times of the incident(s)
    • specific behaviors (without interpretation)
    • action taken (verbal warning, referral)
    • the student's response
    • the faculty/staff member's desired outcome
  • Send or forward documentation to Dean of Students, whether you are working with your supervisor or not.

NOTE: Report situations needing immediate intervention directly to:
Pam Flaherty, Dean of Students
(781) 280-3631

Last Modified: 3/22/13