Mission, Vision and Values


Middlesex Community College provides access to affordable education for a diverse community from all ethnic backgrounds and identities, preparing individuals for success and lifelong learning. We promote academic excellence, provide workforce development opportunities, and empower all learners to become productive and socially responsible members of our local and global communities.


Middlesex Community College is committed to academic excellence and transforming lives through educational and career opportunities for all members of our community. We will inspire and prepare individuals to successfully meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


Excellence - Providing outstanding programs that promote academic, personal, and professional success within an environment of integrity and civility.

Affordability and Accessibility - Promoting policies that welcome participation in higher education by offering cost-effective pathways toward academic success.

Diversity and Equity - Advocating for equality of access and opportunity, fostering appreciation of our diverse communities, and securing resources to support multicultural and global education for students, staff, and faculty.

Workforce Development - Responding to our communities by offering degree and certificate programs that create pathways for multiple career options, professional development, and transfer to four year colleges/universities.

Integrity and Respect - Promoting transparency and a spirit of trust in all areas of the college through open and civil communication, knowledge sharing, and active listening.

Innovation - Recognizing and supporting the development of teaching and learning strategies that encourage creativity, scholarship, and discovery.

Inclusive Learning and Support - Creating an atmosphere supportive of multiple needs and a culture of lifelong learning that foster professional and personal growth for students, staff, and faculty.

Wellness - Promoting student and employee well-being and satisfaction through comprehensive, collaborative, and sustained integration of community and personal wellness practices.

Flexibility - Embracing change that preserves our core mission, respects institutional traditions, improves outcomes, and stimulates progress, growth and vitality.

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Last Modified: 8/2/21