Dual Enrollment at MCC

Experience Middlesex as a Dual-Enrollment Student


Motivated high school and homeschool students who are ready for college level courses are able to participate in college courses while attending their high school or homeschool program. Dual Enrollment allows qualified students to earn college credit while satisfying their high school graduation requirements. Students may select courses that are offered online or on campus, during the school day, at night, or on the weekend.  Students may also choose to take dual enrollment classes during one of our many summer sessions.

Dual Enrollment courses are well suited for high school and homeschool students who:

  • Want to take the general education courses that are required by most colleges and universities.
  • Are seeking enrichment opportunities beyond the classes offered at the high school.
  • Are seeking to distinguish themselves in the competitive college application process by demonstrating success in college courses and/or by demonstrating interest in their identified field of study.
  • Want to save money on college tuition costs. (Middlesex offers Massachusetts dual enrollment students a reduced tuition rate.)

To learn more about Dual Enrollment, please review the Dual Enrollment Application (available from the links on the left). Additionally, you may call 1-800-818-3434 and ask to speak with a Dual Enrollment Advisor.

Last Modified: 3/31/20