The MCC Faculty and Staff Association was established in 1972. The revised constitution and by-laws of 1995 declare all full- and part-time faculty, professional staff, and administrators of the College as members with full voting privileges.

The organization meets several times a year, usually on the second Thursday of the month. Meetings are held alternately at the Bedford and Lowell campuses. Functions of the association are to make policy recommendations to the president, to establish and maintain high academic and professional standards, and to identify and advance the role of the College in the community. Officers are elected annually. Standing and ad hoc committees, which report on a regular basis to the body, carry out the main business of the FSA. Copies of the by-laws are available from the FSA office on the Bedford Campus, TH-Bldg. 4 or on the MCC Portal. Messages can be left at 978-280-3576

Last Modified: 9/18/19