FAQ - Classroom Support

What do I do if there is a technology problem in my classroom?

If there is a problem with the technology, such as the remote does not work, there is no internet connection or other related issue, you can use any campus phone or your own and call the Technology Center.  From a campus phone, simply dial 3301.  From your own phone, call 978-656-3301.  It is possible that they can come and fix the problem immediately.  If the situation does not need immediate resolution, you may email them at servicedesk@middlesex.mass.edu.

What if my room is too hot or too cold?  What if the room has additional issues (noise, fans, etc. that disrupt the learning the environment)?

If you are on the Lowell Campus, you can contact Rick Auger at 978-656-3478 or auger@Middlesex.mass.edu.

Where do I get classroom supplies?

In Bedford: Henderson Hall -Diane Coakley HH304, 781-280-8342

North Academic -Charlotte Parsons NA113, 781-280-3841 M-R 'til noon

In Lowell: Cowan Center Building: Carmen Pagan 5th Floor, 978-656-3156, M-F 7:30-3:30

Last Modified: 9/18/19