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This page gives students information on how to register for courses and prepare for registration.

Register early for the best selection!

Although it's a busy time for you, it is important to register on-time to gain access to the best selection of courses and class meeting times. Your advisor is ready to help you plan your academic program and select the courses you'll need to complete your major program requirements...

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Step 1: Make an appointment to meet with your advisor.

Your Academic Advisor

  1. Go to - Open MyMCC to see your academic advisor’s contact information
  2. Email or Call Your Advisor – info in MyMCC
  3. Office Hours – Faculty will often post available hours at their offices, or in MyMCC.

Criminal Justice Majors - are not assigned to a specific faculty advisor; rather you may be advised by any full-time Criminal Justice faculty member on either campus. They will have advising hours posted at their office locations on both campuses.

Academic Advising Centers - If you are a new MCC student or need assistance after meeting with your academic advisor

  1. Call 1-800-818-3434
  2. Schedule an appointment online using E-SARS (Student Login Required)
  3. Visit the Student Information Center on either campus

*If you have received a letter from MCC’s Honors Program and you intend to take part in the Honors Program, contact your academic advisor and make an early registration appointment.

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Step 2: Prepare for your advising appointment

Which Courses Do I Need?

  • Click “My Degree Audit” on the left side of the page
  • Click “Process New” to ensure the information listed is up to date
  • Which needed courses interest you?
    • Review the degree audit requirements that are listed as “Still Needed” (anything red)
    • Click on the course title (e.g. ENG 101) to view the course description and upcoming sections being offered. This will also show you the Course Registration Number (CRN) needed to register.
    • Be sure you meet all pre-requisites for that course.
    • The academic map for your major will show the recommended order of courses.
  • Holds - Be sure you do not have any holds that will prevent you from registering.

*DegreeWorks Tutorial -

When? - What Courses fit my schedule when I am registering for more than one course?

  • Go back to MyMCC
  • Open “My Schedule Planner” on the left side.
  • Select the appropriate Term.
  • Choose which campuses you want to take classes on. Lowell, Bedford, Online, etc.
  • Add Courses – Click Done when finished.
  • Generate Schedules – and View
  • Click through the schedules until you find one that works for you.
    • Review which campus each class is on. Online courses (WEB CRSE) will not show in the calendar.
  • Once on your chosen schedule click “Send to Shopping Cart”
    • or Write Down the course numbers (CRNs) for the sections you choose
  • Click “Continue” when the dialog box appears on the screen to go to your Shopping Cart
  • Review the classes and click “Register” to enroll in the courses you selected
  • Skip to Step 4 to complete registration if you do not need to meet with an advisor.
    • If meeting with an advisor, click Save Cart.

*Detailed Visual Course Search and Registration Tutorial

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Step 3: Meet with your advisor:

  • Discuss your academic and career goals and any questions you may have about your major or progress at MCC and make your course selections.
  • Registration PIN – If a registration pin is needed at the time of your registration, please connect with your academic advisor to obtain this.

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Step 4: Register for classes:


  • Click Register for Classes on the summary of classes from your Schedule Shopping Cart
    • You will be registered for any courses checked off.
  • Click Step 5: View Your Class Schedule Detail to view a detailed version of the class(es) you registered for


  • Log into MyMCC
  • Click “My Registration” from the menu on the left side of the page
  • Click “Register for Classes
  • Select the Term you are registering for and click Submit
  • If you already have the Course Number (CRN), enter it towards the bottom of the screen and hit “Submit
    • See Step 2 above and locate the CRNs for each class
  • Click Return to Menu at the top right side of the screen
  • Click Step5: View Your Class Schedule Detail to view a detailed version of the class(es) you registered for


  • Call 1-800-818-3434 to register by phone


  • Stop by the Student Information Center on either campus

Registration Assistance Needed?

  • Holds – Holds may prevent registration.
    • Please visit the department who placed the hold on your account to clear it.
  • Contact your Academic Advisor – See step 1
  • Academic Advising Center - See step 1

Step 5: Student Accounts

  • Log into MyMCC
  • Click “My Financial Aid” and connect with Financial Aid – if planning to use financial aid.
  • Click “My Bill” and connect with Student Accounts for payment information as needed.

Step 6: Have a Great Semester!

Other Helpful Information

We have included links below to several documents that you may find helpful to review in understanding the advising process, student services available on campus, determining the appropriate course levels and course selections, and how course selections may apply toward your degree.

questions  If you have any questions, you can email us at:

Last Modified: 3/23/20