Withdrawal/ Refund Policy

When a student voluntarily withdraws from a course or the college, processing, instructional and other costs must still be met by the college. Therefore, refunds for official withdrawals from credit courses are adjusted as follows:

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Fall 2024

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Spring 2024

Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy

For more information regarding the withdrawal policy and its effects on financial aid please visit their website at https://www.middlesex.edu/financialaid/withdrawal.aspx.

Important:  Students dropping or withdrawing from classes or from the College must follow the appropriate process by notifying the College in writing, in person, online or by calling 1-800-818-3434. Official Withdrawal forms are available at each campus Student Information Center or by emailing withdrawal@middlesex.edu   Refunds are only issued to students who withdraw courses by the posted schedule adjustment deadlines.


Last Modified: 5/13/24