Tuition Waivers

The tuition waivers accepted by Middlesex Community College are listed below. Many of these waivers require the completion of an MCC Tuition Waiver Form. If so, you will find a link to the form or you can pick up the form at the Student Accounts Office. For detailed information regarding the eligibility requirements for each waiver follow the links below.

Please Note:

A majority of these tuition waivers only cover the tuition portion of your billing statement. Massachusetts residents will be billed at $195 per credit for the 2016/2017 Academic Year. Of that $195 only $24 is considered tuition cost. Therefore, for a 3 credit cost which cost $585, the portion which will be covered by the waiver is $72.

Armed Forces | MCC Waiver

Client of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission or Commission of the Blind | MCC Waiver

Native American | MCC Waiver

Senior Citizen | MCC Waiver

Veteran | MCC Waiver

Definition of Massachusetts Veteran | MCC Waiver

DSS Foster Child Tuition Waiver | MCC Waiver

DSS Adopted Children Tuition Waiver | MCC Waiver

Valedictorian Tuition Waiver | MCC Waiver

Commonwealth September 11, 2001 Tragedy Tuition Waiver

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

Higher Education Employee Tuition Waiver

Human Service Provider Tuition Waiver

Massachusetts National Guard Tuition Waiver | MCC Waiver

MCC Employee Tuition and Fee Waiver

Stanly Z. Koplik Certificate Of Mastery Tuition Waiver

State Employee Tuition Waiver

Last Modified: 7/29/16