Frequently Asked Questions

When is payment due?

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You can go online to Middlenet and print out your balance or stop by the Student Accounts Office on either campus to get a print out.

I applied for Financial Aid and there is no amount on my bill. Why?

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There are several reasons why this may occur. You should contact the Financial Aid Office directly either in the Bedford Office at 781-280-3650 or Lowell Office at 978-656-3242.

What do the fees on my bill mean?

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Tuition charge (Part of the per credit rate): Based on if you are a MA Resident, New England Resident, or a Resident outside New England and International Student.

Facilities Development Fee/Institutional Support Fee (Part of the per credit rate: General College operations not funded by the State. Examples: Audio visual aids, library, educational supplies, etc.

Student Services Fee: Non academic student services such as vans, speakers, student newspapers, Health Services Office, Counseling, Tutoring, etc. This charge is assessed for all students enrolled in 6 or more credits and is not waivable.

Student Placement Testing Fee: One time fee billed to all students who take placement testing.

Technology/Lab Fee: This charge is for Instructional Computer Equipment, Computer Programs, Computers, Laboratory Supplies for Lab Courses (SC courses), etc. This fee is also assessed to all online courses.

Student Health Insurance: see Health Insurance

MassPirg Fee: see MassPirg

Liability Insurance: This fee is assessed to all students who are enrolled in Health Programs and can not be waived.

In-Progress Course Fee: This fee is assessed when a student continues a course they previously paid for in a prior semester.

What is a late fee and why do I have one?

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Late fees are assessed when a student has not made acceptable payment arrangements with the Student Accounts Office prior to the due date on the initial bill sent to the student. This fee can not be waived.

What is the administrative fee?

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Students who withdraw completely from all of their courses prior to the start of classes are billed a $25 administrative fee. This fee can not be waived. 

Why am I being charged for health insurance?

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Chapter 15 of the General Laws of Massachusetts requires that all students enrolled in nine or more credit hours participate in the College Student Medical and Accident Insurance Plan. The requirements may be waived for students who already have comparable health insurance by completing a waiver form which can be found by clicking on the waiver link listed below.

What does the school's health insurance cover?

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For more information on the schools health insurance please click the link below:


Are all the fees on my bill mandatory?

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The only fees that can be waived are the Insurance Fee if you have comparable coverage and the MassPirg Fee.

How do I waive the optional fees on the bill?

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The MassPirg Fee can be waived by checking the box on the payment coupon of your bill labeled MassPirg Waiver. You can also inform the Student Accounts Office in person or by phone in Bedford at 781-280-3645 or Lowell at 978-656-3291. The Insurance Fee can be waived online by clicking on the following link WAIVER and completing the waiver. You must have comparable insurance in order to waive it. Free care can not be used to waive the insurance.

Why am I being billed as a non-resident?

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If you have lived in Massachusetts for six consecutive months prior to the start of classes and are a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen you must complete the Massachusetts Community Colleges- In State Tuition Eligibility form which can be found at the Student Information Center on either the Bedford or Lowell campus.

Will my parents receive a bill or information over the phone?

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Due to Federal regulations on a student's right to privacy, bills are in the student's name and therefore the student has the responsibility of payment. For this reason, bills and information about the students account can only be sent to the student's name and address that they provided us with in our system. If a parent/guardian is accepting responsibility for making payments, it is the student's responsibility to forward the necessary paperwork to the parent/guardian

Why do I have a hold on my account?

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There are several reasons for why students have holds. The most common reasons are:

Student Accounts Office: You may have an outstanding balance

Health Services: You may need to turn in a copy of your immunization records.

Counselor: You may need to set up an appointment with a counselor.

If you have recently taken care of one of these issues and still have a hold, it can take up to one full business day to clear the hold. If it has been longer then please contact the appropriate office directly.

Last Modified: 7/8/16