Headshot photo of Caitlin

Elizabeth Noel
Director of Communications & Creative Services
Love bringing creativity, resourcefulness and my extensive project management experience to create communication solutions that elevate the College brand and highlight how amazing this institution and our students are.


Headshot photo of Beth

Lai Man Wong
Senior Designer - Creative Services
Strive to produce designs and concepts that motivate students and help them feel proud of the environment they are in.


Headshot photo of Caitlin

Caitlin Buckley
Senior Manager of Marketing & Media Relations
Proud to share stories from all facets of the College community.



Headshot photo of Irfan

David Rosario
Marketing Content Specialist
Excited to aid with structuring and introducing valuable information that keeps everyone connected.


Headshot photo of Lai Man

Irfan Margoob
Graphic Designer
Thrilled to be part of MCC and to contribute to the environment that made MCC feel so unique to me.



Isabela PodmaskaIsabela Podmaska
Website Experience Specialist
Passionate about crafting exceptional digital experiences for the education community, and bringing creativity and innovation to the MCC’s digital presence.

Last Modified: 2/8/24