Tips for Shooting Video on your Smartphone

Follow these tips to shoot professional-looking video on your smartphone!

1. Shoot horizontal, not vertical

This keeps all videos consistent and simplifies the editing process.

2. Keep it steady

Try and hold the smartphone as steady as possible so that the video does not look shaky. If you can use a tripod, even better!

3. Don't shoot with your back to a light source

If you film yourself in front of a sunny window or a bright light it will silhouette you, making you look like a dark shadow compared to the bright background.

4. Shoot in a quiet place

External noise will make it difficult for anyone watching the video to understand what you are saying, look for a quiet room without any vents, fans, or humming equipment.

5. Speak loudly and clearly

Project your voice!

6. If possible, have someone else film you

This takes the burden off of you to be both the cameraperson and talent at once.

7. Don't use digital zoom

Digital zoom will reduce the quality and resolution of the video, if you need to get closer it is better to physically move the smartphone closer to the subject.

8. Do not include a soundtrack or music

If you include your own music, the person editing the video will not be able to separate the audio of you speaking from the music, making it impossible to edit.

Last Modified: 10/13/23