QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes are smart device-readable codes made up of an apparent random pattern of black and white shapes. These graphics, when scanned, redirect smart devices to URLs or other digital information.

During the last two years, MCC has begun using QR codes more frequently as an option for no-contact information sharing. Starting July 1, 2022, the Office of Communications & Creative Services is standardizing all QR codes used on MCC materials designed for recruitment and enrollment. This process will allow the College to gather important data that can inform future communications decisions.

Please DO use QR codes to:

  • Direct people to an online form.
  • Link to MCC website content about a program or college offering.
  • Give event attendees access to an agenda or post-event survey.
  • Point people to MCC social media channels.
  • Aid in marketing or to improve the customer experience.
QR codes should be:
  • On printed materials like brochures or fliers or printed or digital event signage.
  • Placed in locations where they can easily and safely be scanned.
  • Big enough and clear enough that even the lower-quality phones can scan it.
  • Available where WiFi or internet access is in place.
Please DO NOT use QR codes:
  • Just because it is an emerging trend.
  • On MCC webpages or social media.
  • If your web content is old and out-of-date.
Requesting a QR code:
  1. If you are already requesting Communications' help with the creation of a print piece, simply indicate under "Project Summary" that you would like a code added to the design.
  2. If you need a code to put on your own communications using the college brand, simply fill out a Communications Request Form and provide the web address you would like the code to point to under "Project Summary." Under "Type of Request," select QR Code.
Last Modified: 10/13/23