Strategic Department Goals

The Office of Communications & Creative Services uses goals that intend to connect with and support the College's strategic plan. The strategic plan is a crucial piece of the College and assists us in fulfilling our mission.

The Office of Communications & Creative Services has oversight of and will partner with departments on the development and creation of:

  • External all-college communications, publicity and marketing including words, images and audio
  • Admissions and Enrollment branding and marketing
  • Accessible external digital communications
  • Accessible all-college digital communications to students, faculty and staff
  • Website branding, development and maintenance
  • All College social media accounts (excluding student clubs and organizations)
  • Brand development and management

Build a college-wide culture of equity-mindedness and expansive excellence

  • Create New Visual Guidelines and MCC Copy Standards around DEI that support the mission and elevate our diverse community
  • Ensure accurate representation of BIPOC, AAPI and LatinX students, faculty and staff in College marketing
  • Rewrite website copy so it is easy to understand by students whose first language is not English
  • Develop a Blackboard PD Course on Creating Accessible Communications
  • Grow student intern and mentorship opportunities

Strengthen pathways to student retention

  • Continue the Website Redesign and Accessibility Project
  • Use ATD data to identify student user trends and develop more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Develop and Implement a campaign and press push around MCC’s expanded Learn & Earn programs
  • Develop and Implement a campaign promoting programs that quickly lead to careers
  • Develop and Implement a campaign around the Micro Credentials
  • Better leverage video and animation to visually illustrate the many pathways at MCC
  • Identify professional development opportunities for the staff

Strengthen Identity as a community-based hub for equity, centring student and community voice

  • Create a virtual newsroom for the College
  • Better integrate data into the college narrative
  • Serve on the NECHE 10-year Review Committee
  • Increase the number of feature stories pitched to local and regional media
  • Produce and add more video to the College’s media mix
  • Grow engagement on the College’s social media channels
  • Use LinkedIn, regional media and our CC national memberships to position the President as a thought leader in the areas of Equity, Academic Pathways and Learn & Earn

Prioritize fiscal stewardship and sustainability

  • Prioritize the allotment of Marketing resources for individual programs using data and projections
  • Establish KPIs for paid marketing to maximize ROI on dollars spent
  • Improve the quality of existing owned content to improve free search engine results and 
    increase engagement at no additional cost to the college
Last Modified: 10/19/23