Communications Release Form

A Communications Release Form is required for all students, faculty, staff and members of the community. Please send signed forms to the Director of Communications.

  • The College requires a signed Communications¬†Release Form from all people visible in any image that will be used in a print communication or in a video. Images of students under 18 years of age can only be used if we have received a Communications¬†Release Form signed by a parent/guardian

If in doubt, please get a signed Communications Release Form!


The Office of Communications & Creative Services will try to arrange photography services for departments, staff or faculty, whether in-house or through an external freelancer. Please allow at least 14 days for us to arrange for services.

Any party that would like to obtain a photographer should fill out the Communications Release Form. In the Project Summary field please explain why you are making this request and provide as much detail and information as possible including:

  • What the photographer is taking pictures of: Event, Student Activity, Staff Portraits

  • How many days will the photographer be needed for

  • The time and location of the photo shoot

  • What your budget is for hiring a freelance photographer

  • If you intend to use the photos for digital or print purposes

  • Are you preparing the photographs after they are taken

  • How soon will you need the photographs

You can also take your own photos!


  • When taking a photo of a person or group, be attentive of the background and make sure there are not any unwanted objects or people in the way

  • Use proper lighting to make sure the target you are taking a photo of is visible
    • Images taken outside or in a well lit room will work best

  • Avoid taking photos of people that are in motion or action. These images can be unflattering. This could mean someone eating a snack or engaging in a conversation

  • Take advantage of any space or angles you can get based on the environment and the amount of people you are taking photos of

  • At the point of finalizing the photo(s), save it in the highest quality available. Also, make sure you have the right image size to capture the setting fully

Photography for Social Media

MCC has a blanket photo release policy. This policy directly applies to photos that are taken for social media use.

The policy states:

  • Middlesex Community College, a nonprofit Massachusetts Community College, reserves the right to take and use photographs, video and electronic images of students and visitors taken on college property at college-sponsored events for marketing and promotional purposes

It is illegal for an MCC employee to take any photo, visual or video accessed via an internet search or copied from another source. The communications office has a library of MCC images as well as access to a paid stock image resource.

Photos taken at college events and public events are acceptable to use on social media.


Last Modified: 10/13/23