Transfer of Credit From Other Institutions

checklistCredits are accepted by transfer from other regionally accredited schools or colleges with requisite transcript documents. A maximum of 45 credits earned at other institutions may be applied to academic programs in addition to formal coursework taken at Middlesex Community College. A minimum of 15 credits towards an associate degree from MCC must be earned through formal coursework at Middlesex, and a minimum of nine credits must be completed in the field of specialization. (Note: Initial review applies credits to the maximum amount of credit we can award to you; the final number depends on your major program of study.)

Policy When Prerequisite Courses are Taken at Other Colleges or Universities
Students registering for a course at MCC are responsible for meeting all course prerequisites. When the prerequisite(s) has been taken at another college or university the student must submit proof that the prerequisite has been met to an advisor or to the Enrollment Management Center. The first time a student registers for a course with a prerequisite met from another college or university, he/she may register using an unofficial transcript. At the time of registration a hold will be placed on his/her record to indicate that receipt of an official transcript is pending. Before the student may register for subsequent semesters, MCC must receive an official transcript from the other college. All unofficial and official transcripts used to evaluate prerequisite courses must include the name of the student, name of college or university, and the name of the course being used for the prerequisite.

Transfer Credit will be awarded when a grade of "C" or better is earned for a course from a regionally accredited college or university. Courses should be comparable to those offered and taught at MCC. All transferred courses must meet any program and/or prerequisite course grade requirements in order to be utilized to meet a program and/or prerequisite requirement. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to clarify any questions about transfer credits.

Before enrolling in courses at another college, students should obtain approval from the Academic Planning Center to ensure that this coursework is applicable to their degree program and therefore acceptable as transfer credit at Middlesex Community College. Credit for coursework completed at non-accredited institutions may be considered on a provisional basis.

Official transcripts from other institutions may be mailed to:

Enrollment Communications
Middlesex Community College
33 Kearney Square
Lowell MA 01852

Electronic transcripts should be sent to

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Credit for Health Profession Certification

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurses who have been accepted into the Nursing program may challenge NUR 101, Fundamentals of Nursing, and NUR 102, Nursing Practicum. Upon completion of the challenge process, students may be awarded credit for these courses and may enroll in NUR 155, Inter-generational Nursing. Detailed information concerning the challenge process may be obtained in the Student Information Center.

Middlesex Community College has articulation agreements with Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical School, Assabet Valley Vocational Technical School, and Shawsheen Vocational School post-secondary licensed practical nursing programs. Recent graduates of these programs (within the last five years) who are admitted into MCC’s associate degree Nursing program may be eligible to receive credit for NUR 101, NUR 155 and concurrent clinical practicum courses. Further information is available at the Student Information Center.


Last Modified: 3/20/18