Emergency Management Team

The Emergency Management Team consists of personnel from different areas of the College, including but not limited to, the President’s Office, Public Affairs, Academic and Student Affairs, Administration and Finance, Enrollment, Research and Planning, Facilities, and Information Technology. Each division is responsible for assigned personnel within the that area. A second tier of personnel from each of those divisions is also included in the comprehensive emergency plan in order to carry out the orders and actions of the Emergency Management Team. 

The current Emergency Management Team consists of the following:

Patrick Cook, Executive Director of Public Affairs — Chair

James C. Mabry, President
Phil Sisson, Provost
Frank Nocella, Chief Financial Officer
Mary Emerick, Vice President of Human Resources
Joseph Patuto, Chief Information Officer
Colleen Cox, Chief Administrative Officer
Pamela Flaherty, Chief Student Affairs Officer
Audrey Nahabedian, Dean of Enrollment
Brian Butler, Director of Facilities
Daniel Martin, Director of Public Safety
Frank Morande, Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Beth Jendro Noël, Director of Marketing
Jeffrey French, Bedford Camous Resource Officer
Thomas Hickey, Lowell Campus Resource Officer
Donna Corbin, Staff Assistant, President's Office
Aleksandra Tugbiyele, Staff Assistant, President's Office
Abby Vergados, Administrative Assistant, Public Affairs
Last Modified: 8/25/21