Online Learning Tools

Below is a list of technology tools you may be asked to use for online learning. The Middlesex Technology Center provides helpful information on many of these technology tools as well as technical assistance through telephone or live chat. Below are some videos and step-by-step instructions:

The Blackboard (Bb) Learning Management System (LMS)

Most instructors will use Blackboard for remote learning. Click on the links below for help with frequently asked questions using Blackboard:

Web Conferencing Systems 

Your instructor may ask you to come to a live online lecture at a specific time, possibly when your class was set to meet. Live interaction will happen using Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom, or another web conferencing software. When using Bb Collaborate, you should use Google Chrome for your browser. 

Middlesex Email

Your instructor may use MCC email to communicate with you during this time by:

  • sending assignments directions and due dates 
  • providing feedback in the body of your email messages or attaching files
  • communicating with you about your progress 
The student MCC email program provides access to your email messages as well as access to Office 365 for Education. Click here to learn more about Middlesex Office 365 student email.

U.S. Postal Mail

Although it is unlikely, an instructor may ask you to mail assignments. If this is the case, your instructor will supply you with the postal address.

Below are some additional technology resources that have made available during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Texas Instruments Online Graphing Calculator

Access Free or Discounted internet/Data During COVID-19

The Federal Communications Commission’s “Keep America Connected” initiative pledges to suspend common penalties and expand internet access across the U.S. Several internet and telecom service providers are committed to offering free access to the internet (via WiFi hotspot), discounted internet service and/or increased data allowances to ensure people can get online during this unprecedented time. To learn more, review offerings from the service providers below.

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Last Modified: 3/25/24