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LC-406B, Cowan Center
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Schedule for Spring 2023 Semester 

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Grammar and Style Overview Online

The Grammar and Style Overview has been designed for English Language Learners.  For 1st Generation ELLs, there are vocabulary exercises, and pronunciation activities, as well as grammar explanations and exercises. For Gen 1.5 ELLs, the grammar explanations and exercises reflect the most common mistakes that occur in their writing.  Gen 1.5 ELLs can watch style videos and complete the style activities.  The style section focuses on the differences between the everyday language that most of us use normally and the academic language required for success in college.  For 2nd Generation ELLs, the style and vocabulary sections are highly recommended.  These students benefit from learning the how to move beyond everyday language to more precise language.  Grammar is not usually a problem which allows for more emphasis on academic vocabulary development.

Contact the ACE ELL Specialist, Ginny Drislane, drislanev@middlesex.mass.edu, to enroll.

ACE Google Classroom 

The ACE Google Classroom has tips and strategies on how to be a successful college student. Visit the ACE Google Classroom to learn how to:

  • prepare for your classes
  • navigate Blackboard
  • use technology tools
  • manage your time
  • study smarter

Class Code: rxnmboc

If you’d like an ACE Student Leader to suggest strategies and guide you through the topics, contact us at ACE@middlesex.mass.edu

International Student Corner 

Come check out the International Student Corner in the ACE Tutoring Center, LC-406B. We have created a dedicated space for English Language Learner (ELL's). When Ells enter the space, they are greeted by a table of small artifacts from all over the world. They have a work spcate that includes a computer. While seated at the computer, they have access to grammar explanations and worksheets they can use as learning aids. There are also printouts on they table of the various ELL services that MCC offers. Please visit ACE!

International Student Corner, a laptop on the table beside many artifacts from all over the world

English Conversation Group 

English Conversation group will meet in
- Bedford Writing Center, AR-LIB/7, every Thursday this semester from 12:00-12:30pm.
- Lowell Writing Center, LC-406A, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this semester 11:30-12:00pm

Appointments are preferred, but drop in visits are always welcome in ACE Tutoring Centers. If your course is not listed, please contact Ginny Drislane (978) 656-3410 drislanev@middlesex.mass.edu
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