National eTutoring Consortium

eTutoring is available for students for the fall semester.

eTutoring provides tutoring support for the subjects listed below

  • Nursing, A&P, Biology, Chemistry, and Math
  • Writing – across all subjects - Writing tutoring is synchronous and asynchronous (submit your paper and receive feedback with embedded comments)

is an online tutoring platform which allows tutors to work with students synchronously and asynchronously, answering questions in real time, or replying to questions and essay submissions that students have left for review and commentary. 

eTutoring Features:

Inside the eTutoring platform, students and tutors work together using these tools:

  • eQuestions: Online question submission with archive of previously posted questions and answers.

  • Writing Lab: Online writing lab with an archive of previously submitted papers and revisions.

  • Live Tutoring: Live web conferencing that allows tutors and students to work together using chat, whiteboard, file and screen sharing applications, audio and video tools.

  • Resources: Vast collection of tips, techniques and additional links to help students improve on various aspects of their education.

Last Modified: 3/25/24