Academic Support Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Centers for Enrichment is to empower students to become independent, intellectually curious, lifelong learners. The objective is to assist students to enhance their own learning by:

  • Developing time management, communication, and study skills to promote academic success
  • Strengthening critical thinking skills
  • Building self-confidence and self-advocacy
  • Collaborating with peers with diverse perspectives
  • Exploring the resources and services provided at MCC


Program Student Leader Outcomes:

  • Student Leaders will be able to identify and reflect upon their own application of soft skills.
  • Student Leaders will contribute to a respectful and collaborative environment, express openness to different cultures, and act in a supportive manner without judgment.
  • Student leaders will adapt to the needs of the students they are working with to support independent learning.

Program Students Outcomes:

  • Students will develop a better understanding of their course expectations and course content.
  • Students will complete their courses at a higher rate
  • Students will strengthen their confidence in their ability to identify and use resources and strategies
  • Students will gain skills that will help them succeed academically and beyond
Last Modified: 3/25/24