MCC Student Office 365 for Education E-mail FAQ

Middlesex Community College’s student e-mail system is a partnership between MCC and Microsoft, using Office 365 for Education. This e-mail service will provide a rich communications platform that makes it easier for students to communicate and collaborate with each other and with faculty and staff.

What are the benefits of using Office 365 for Education?

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  • 25 GB of e-mail and calendar storage; send attachments up to 25 MB
  • 7 GB of personal storage space on OneDrive that syncs with your PC for offline access.
  • Easily share documents with others.
  • Calendar feature for personal, academic and student use (record appointments, share calendars, schedule meetings)
  • Mobile
  • Recognition and credibility of the address - particularly valuable in conducting official MCC business or communicating with professors who may not recognize addresses
  • It's FREE and it's yours for your tenure as a student and for some time thereafter.

Do I have to use my MCC e-mail account?

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Your MCC email account is an official communication path to you from the College. You are required to periodically check your MCC email account for important announcements and communications from the College such as grade notifications, instructor communications, bills, financial aid, etc.

What is my MCC e-mail address?

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Your e-mail address in this format:  Your email address consists of the first initial of your first name, your last name, and a sequential number. For example, John Livingstone's email address would be

Please note that your email address is different from your Student ID number, commonly known as your "A number". You will continue to use your  A number to login to Middlenet and the My MCC web portal.

You can look up what your email address is by using the Online Self-Help Tool.

Do I have a different password for email?

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No. Your email password will be the same as your Middlenet, Blackboard, and My MCC portal password.

How do I get to my MCC Student e-mail account?

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Go to the My MCC web portal and log in using your Student ID number (‘A number’) and password. Click the link for ‘My MCC E-mail (Office 365)’.

Be sure to log off any when you are finished using Office 365.

What happens if I forget or want to change my email password?

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Use the the Online Self-Service Tool  located on My MCC web portal.

Only use the above Online Self-Service Tool to change your password.

Do not change your password via the Microsoft web site as it causes password synchronization issues.

Can I forward my MCC email to another account or use another e-mail client?

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Yes. To forward e-mail to another e-mail account log into Office 365.

Click the Settings (gear) menu in the top-right corner -> click Options -> Under "Shortcuts to other things you can do", click Forward your e-mail.

Under, Forwarding, click into the field under Forward my e-mail to and type the email address that you want your MCC Student e-mail to go to.

Check the box for "Keep a copy of the forwarded messages in Outlook Web App"

You may also choose to receive your e-mail using a different e-mail program. This can be done as long as the other e-mail program uses POP3 or IMAP. Learn more about accessing your MCC e-mail using IMAP or POP E- mail programs here.

Do I need to use a Windows PC or Microsoft Internet Explorer?

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No.  All web-based services included in the Office 365 for Education can be accessed from Windows, Mac, or Linux.  You can use Office 365 through any browser that supports HTML 3.2. This includes Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and other web browsers on computers that run UNIX, Apple Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows. For more information, see Supported Browsers and Operating Systems .

Does Office 365 include SPAM filtering?

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Yes. The SPAM filtering included with Office 365 for Education takes advantage of SPAM reports from all 270 million Hotmail and Windows Live users.  Detected viruses will be deleted, and suspected spam will be placed in your Junk folder for you to review. It is important to periodically check your Junk folder to avoid missing a real message mistakenly marked as spam.

For more information, see Spam Filtering with Office 365.

Is my data in Office 365 backed up?

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With Office 365, you get peace of mind knowing that your data and services are available and regularly backed up. For more information, see Office 365 Service Continuity.

What are the privacy and security policies?

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The MCC Acceptable Use Policy is still in effect.  In addition, you agree to Microsoft's privacy and security policies.

Will my e-mail address be sold or given to advertisers and others?

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College policies  will apply. The contract with Microsoft does not allow them to sell your address or information or to advertise their services to you. MCC does not sell student e-mail addresses, but there are circumstances in which, as a public institution, we are required to provide "directory" information to those who request it.

Students who do not wish to have directory information released must complete a “Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information” form in the Student Information Centers.

Last Modified: 7/15/16