ACE Science Support

Lowell Center
Cowan Center, LC-406B
Monday to Friday : 8:30am-4:00pm

Bedford Center
Academic Resource, AR-LIB3
Monday to Friday : 8:30am-4:30pm

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Are you planning to take the TEAS? We can help you prepare! 

The following tutors are available for individual TEAS tutoring appointments:

  • Saimah Yousuf– all science
  • Henny Correll– Math
  • Jodi Zangari– Math, Chem
  • Julie Chamberlin– Math, Bio, Chem
  • Jaden Donahue - all science
  • Darie Martinez– all subjects
  • Yiselys Lopez– all science
Click here to view free TEAS practice tests.

Health Students

Tutoring is available for the following Health programs:

Appointments are preferred but drop in visits are always welcome in ACE Tutoring Centers.
Any questions about Science support, please contact Beth Kelley (781) 280-3745 -
Last Modified: 5/13/24