Wireless Access at MCC

You're never very far from FREE wireless access at MCC. To connect to the wireless network, all you need is a My MCC ID and a laptop with a wireless network card, or other smart wireless device.

Wireless network service is available to all students, faculty, and staff in all buildings on both campuses, and in the Bedford Quad. 

To connect a Windows laptop, be sure that your wireless card is enabled, then right-click on the wireless icon in the Windows system tray and select "View Wireless Networks". You can also access this through the Windows Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center > Manage Wireless Networks.

To connect a Mac laptop, turn on Airport located on the on the top-right of the menu bar and select the appropriate wireless connection from the drop-down menu.

To connect a wireless device such as an iPad or other tablet, smart phone, or e-reader, access the Settings menu of the particular device and locate Wireless Network.

1. Select an MCC Wireless Network:

MCC_HOTSPOT – Unsecured, unencrypted internet access. Requires My MCC ID login credentials or Guest/Guest access.

MCC_GENERAL – Secured, encrypted internet access with more bandwidth than that provided by MCC_HOTSPOT. Requires My MCC ID login credentials. No guest access.

2. Enter Login Credentials on the BlueSocket Webpage:

- Open a web browser (If the BlueSocket page does not appear, enter a URL such as www.google.com.).

- When the BlueSocket page appears, enter your My MCC ID credentials and click Log In or press the Enter key. The BlueSocket message and your homepage will display.

- Minimize the BlueSocket box but do NOT close it!

- You are successfully connected to the MCC wireless network.

3. To End the Wireless Session

- Maximize the BlueSocket box.

- Click 'Click to Logout'.

 - You are now logged off the MCC wireless network.

Last Modified: 3/3/14