Wireless Access at MCC

Wifi imageYou're never very far from FREE wireless access at MCC.

Wireless network service is available to all students, faculty, staff, in all buildings on all campuses.

Connecting to the wireless network is as easy as 1-2-3 :

  1. Go to the Network Settings area on your mobile device.
  2. Pick your network:

    - MCCWiFi - Secured connection for Faculty, Staff, or Students
    - MCCGuest - Unsecured connection for all other users

  3. Follow the connection instructions as they appear.

MCC Wireless "Fast Facts":

  • Stay connected, longer. No more repetitive logins.
  • Faster connection.
  • Increased capacity means you can always get a connection.
  • Names - MCCGuest and MCCWiFi.
  • MCCGuest- unsecured connection, password is generated and must be written down, connection lasts for 48 hours.
  • MCCWiFi - secured connection, persistent connection - only login once (unless off-campus for 14 or more days).
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff should use MCCWiFi.
  • All others may use MCCGuest.
  • Custom wireless access connections for a group, special event, or conference may be requested through the Service Desk.

Screenshots for Apple iOS and for Android OS are below:

MCCWiFi: login screen (for Apple iOS)

MCC WiFi secure login screen.
MCCWiFi: (for Apple iOS) After entering login credentials, a Certificate will appear. Click either Trust or Accept. This will only appear the first time you login to MCCWiFi. 

Wifi certificate trust screen shot

MCCWiFi: login screen ( for Android OS)

Go to Network settings on Android mobile device or Chromebook. Select MCCWifi. Phase 2 Authentication, Identity (user name), and Password are required.

Android mobile network wifi settings screen

For Phase 2 Authentication, choose MSCHAPV2. If that option is not available on your device, then choose PEAP instead.

Android phase 2 authentication chooser MSCHAPv2Android phase 2 authentication chooser PEAP

MCCGuest: login screen/password generator

MCC Guest wifi login screen



Last Modified: 2/7/24