Copier and Printer Supplies and Services Program

Middlesex Community College has contracted with Conway to provide supplies and services for copiers and networked printers.   

Instructions listed below for supplies, parts, service, relocation of device, toner recycling and FAQ’s.


Toner is automatically shipped 15 days prior to the estimated empty date.

If you don’t receive a toner refill contact Conway (provide Conway ID located on device). 

Please note: staples are not included in the Copier Service Maintenance contract.  Departments should purchase staples directly through Conway.


Toner Waste Container, Drum, etc.

Parts are not automatically shipped.   If a part needs to be replaced you will receive a message on the device.

Contact Conway to order the part (provide Conway ID located on device).


Contact Conway for all device issues (provide Conway ID located on device).



  1. Contact IT Service Desk to confirm network port
  2. Contact Facilities if there is no electrical outlet
  3. Contact Conway to schedule relocation
    1. Phone: 800-343-7777 option 1
    2. Email:
  1. Contact IT Service Desk to relocate printer


 Instructions for Recycling Used Toner

  1. Add the used toner to the new toner box
  2. Write Recycle on the box
  3. Place the toner box to be recycled next to the outgoing mail for pick up by Facilities



  1. I placed a service call but the technician has not responded yet. Should I place another service call? Please email Karen Tanguay at  Provide the issue, Conway ID and when you placed the service call.

  2. The device is reporting low toner but I have not received the new toner yet? Should I call Conway?   Toner is automatically shipped 15 days prior to the estimated empty date. 

  3. Are staples covered under the Copier Service Maintenance contract?   No, staples are not included in the Copier Service Maintenance contract.   Departments should purchase directly through Conway. 

Service Level Agreement: All requests for assistance are considered important and the Technology Center staff will do their best to resolve all reported problems in a timely fashion based upon impact and urgency within the constraint of staffing levels and incident and request volume. Due to the volume of incidents and requests received during the opening two weeks of the Fall and Spring Semester, during finals, and other peak volume times, response times may be longer than average. Response time can also vary depending on the volume of requests at any one time and the number of staff on duty. The technical staff will inform customers if such exceptions are necessary.

The Technology Center reserves the right to prioritize service requests based on the number of people affected and severity of the issue.

Last Modified: 2/7/24