Printer Toner Request

Request for printer toner is provided for network printers only. Toner for stand-alone local printers are to be provided by each department. Toner can be picked up by the requester at the Service Desk Walk-In Centers, or sent via interoffice mail to your location.

Toner Pick-up Location Bedford Campus: AR-203 (Service Desk Walk-In Center)
Toner Pick-up Location Lowell Campus: LC-402 (Service Desk Walk-In Center)
Toner can be picked up at the Walk-In Center between the hours of 9am - 2pm Monday - Friday
Used toner should be returned to the following locations: Bedford-AR-203 or Lowell-LC-402

Pickup Location

Your Information

Please allow for a lead time of 2 - 3 business days. Thank You!

Service Level Agreement: All requests for assistance are considered important and the Technology Center staff will do their best to resolve all reported problems in a timely fashion based upon impact and urgency within the constraint of staffing levels and incident and request volume. Due to the volume of incidents and requests received during the opening two weeks of the Fall and Spring Semester, during finals, and other peak volume times, response times may be longer than average. Response time can also vary depending on the volume of requests at any one time and the number of staff on duty. The technical staff will inform customers if such exceptions are necessary.

The Technology Center reserves the right to prioritize service requests based on the number of people affected and severity of the issue.

Last Modified: 11/7/18