SARS Anywhere Access Request

SARS Anywhere Access requests must be approved and sent to the service desk by area manager or dean.  One week notice is required.

This request is for (check all that apply):

Access to a SARS Anywhere location grants schedule access to all counselors and resources associated with that location.

Counselor/Advisor/Tutor Options

Scheduler Options

Admin Options

Counselor/Advisor/Tutors Master Schedule of Work Days and Work Hours


Service Level Agreement: All requests for assistance are considered important and the Technology Center staff will do their best to resolve all reported problems in a timely fashion based upon impact and urgency within the constraint of staffing levels and incident and request volume. Due to the volume of incidents and requests received during the opening two weeks of the Fall and Spring Semester, during finals, and other peak volume times, response times may be longer than average. Response time can also vary depending on the volume of requests at any one time and the number of staff on duty. The technical staff will inform customers if such exceptions are necessary.

The Technology Center reserves the right to prioritize service requests based on the number of people affected and severity of the issue.

Last Modified: 2/7/24